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New student exchange program with the University of Otago

5 December 2022

Creating an immersive international experience for humanities students

The Discipline of Government and International Relations in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, and the University of Otago have just signed the first Student Exchange Agreement in New South Wales between the two universities.

Following on from established agreements with the universities of Melbourne, Tasmania, and Western Australia, the University of Sydney joins as the fourth Australian partner university for humanities students on Otago’s Global Student Exchange List of Partner Institutions.

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The Student Exchange Agreement intends to establish a framework that will allow the two universities to collaborate on a range of proposed activities, including joint advocacy for the Arts, social justice and social transformation, and importantly student mobility between the institutions, enabling students to experience cultural immersion.

The exchange aims to develop graduate qualities, including depth of disciplinary expertise; cultural competence; and, interdisciplinary effectiveness, with a focus on pursuing teaching arrangements around comparative politics; Māori perspectives; and, indigenous and environmental politics.

Otago is one of Australasia’s leading Universities for the research and teaching of sustainability, migration and peace and conflict studies.
Dr Stewart Jackson, Chair of Discipline of Government and International Relations

Partnering with the University of Otago opens the South market to grow student exchange in Australia with the cost of a return flight being half that to America, Asia, or Europe. Given the time difference (2-3 hours) and flight time (3 hours), it makes mobility possible and affordable with a similar currency exchange rate.

The University of Otago in the South Island provides students the opportunity to experience snow sports, hiking and outdoor activities unique to the South region of New Zealand. Otago’s University Campus is located near St Clair Beach, the City Centre, the Octagon, and Railway Station, while their historic buildings include the University Clock Tower, Otago Museum, and Performing Arts Centre.

Join a vibrant student community that brings New Zealand and the Pacific together - and now students from Australia's premier university, Sydney.
Dr Stewart Jackson

University of Sydney students going to Otago may take courses outside Humanities at Otago but will need to apply for academic approval before getting credit for their overseas study depending on their University of Sydney degree and Otago Units of Study selected outside the pre-assessed Government and International Relations Units as part of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) and Bachelor of Arts.

Otago offers a broad range of subjects in area studies, New Zealand politics, comparative politics, environmental studies and political philosophy.
Dr Stewart Jackson

Dates for Study in Semester 2 2023:

  • Nomination deadline: 15 April 2023
  • Application deadline: 30 April 2023

Study with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to gain access to these international opportunities supported by Strategic Partnerships and Engagement within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and by Sydney Abroad. Please see study overseas scholarships for available scholarships.

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