21 December 2022

Bringing Latin American cultural expertise to TV series Bump

As cultural consultant and screenwriter for the Australian comedy-drama show, Spanish and Latin American Studies expert Dr Fernanda Peñaloza highlights the importance of authenticity in linguistic and cultural diversity on local and global screens.
13 December 2022

5 reasons to get the Diploma of Language Studies

Gain sought-after skillsets from the state’s leading institution for Modern Languages.* Our flexible pathway program allows you to learn a language (or more) during or after your degree at your own pace.
12 December 2022

New evidence for Polynesian settlement on Norfolk Island

A collaborative research program beginning with local information provides new insights on the Polynesian settlement of Norfolk Island.

05 December 2022

New student exchange program with the University of Otago

The Discipline of Government and International Relations in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, and the University of Otago have just signed the first Student Exchange Agreement in New South Wales between the two universities.
05 December 2022

Indonesian Studies at the Consulate: students share cultural research

In a first, Indonesian Studies students presented their research projects on language and culture at the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney.