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5 reasons to get the Diploma of Language Studies

13 December 2022
Diversify your skills with a tertiary qualification in languages
Gain sought-after skillsets from the state’s leading institution for Modern Languages.* Our flexible pathway program allows you to learn a language (or more) during or after your degree at your own pace.

1. Gain marketable skills for the global economy

The mastery of another language gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Learning a language boosts your employability and communications skills to navigate our globalised world across a variety of fields.

Language studies equip you with intercultural knowledge and rich insights into cultural practices, histories, values and societies that open your perspective of the world.

Headshot of alumnus Michael Graney
Michael Graney, Diploma of Language Studies and Bachelor of Commerce/Civil Engineering (Hons) graduate
“Languages give you an invaluable skillset that creates many international opportunities. My career highlights include working with a different language overseas. Living in and knowing another language and culture is very enriching and rewarding – whether in Australia or abroad.”
Gain new language skills and high-level cultural competence

2. You can do the diploma alongside or after you complete your studies

The Diploma of Language Studies is specially designed for students and graduates of an undergraduate or combined degree at the University of Sydney or another recognised tertiary institution. You can pair language studies with your degree as a concurrent enrolment or as further studies after completing your degree.

The Diploma of Language Studies is an excellent way to supercharge your degree and choose from a plethora of languages.
Junnade Ali, Diploma of Language Studies and Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (International and Global Studies) student

3. Begin at your own level and pace with a flexible structure

With options to study full-time or part-time, you can decide on the best pathway for yourself over a maximum of six years. Whether you want to add another language under your belt or start learning a new one from scratch, you can begin at a proficiency level suited to you. The diploma’s structure allows you to tailor your language learning to your needs, interests and goals.

The diploma’s flexibility is really useful if you don’t have the space to do languages in your degree. You’re adding an extra skill and qualification to your degree.
Arkady de Jong, Diploma of Language Studies, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching (Secondary) graduate

4. There's a wide breadth of language and culture options to choose from

You can specialise in a single major, or pick and choose a diverse combination across 14 language study offerings. The qualification to graduate with the Diploma of Language Studies is simple: complete a total of 48 credit points. This typically forms an equivalent of eight subject selections.

  • Ancient Greek
  • Arabic Language and Cultures
  • Chinese Studies
  • French and Francophone Studies
  • Germanic Studies
  • Modern Greek Studies
  • Hebrew (Modern)
  • Indonesian Studies
  • Italian Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Korean Studies
  • Latin
  • Sanskrit
  • Spanish and Latin American Studies

Headshot of Tiffany Wong
Tiffany Wong, Diploma of Language Studies and Bachelor of Arts graduate
“We live in a world where knowing languages is such an asset – it’s why I had to do a Diploma of Language Studies. I could really flesh out my majors during my degree and learn two languages at the same time.”
Learn more

5. Enrich your learning across disciplines

Languages allow you to better understand your chosen discipline. Whether it’s engineering or commerce, music or science, understanding languages and cultures gives you a deeper depth of your learning experience as you interact with the world around you.

If you’re also planning to study abroad for your degree, knowing the language will help you connect and navigate a myriad of places with a different variety of languages and cultures.

Headshot of Jennifer Yang
Jennifer Yang, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Hons I) and Diploma of Language Studies graduate
“The diploma is a great way to expand your field of study. My language studies were really valuable and offered so many intersections with my majors.”
Read more from Jennifer about how languages give a competitive edge towards career opportunities

Applications for the Diploma of Language Studies to commence in Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the following years are now open. Please refer to Sydney Courses for application deadlines and handbook information for details including course resolutions.

Watch our Diploma of Language Studies webinar featuring graduates Arkady and Tiffany on YouTube.

Banner image: David Watkis via Unsplash

*QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022

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