Nobel Laureate leads an exclusive workshop for Economics students

22 March 2023

University of Sydney students learn from Thomas J. Sargent

Economics students Anna-Sophia Zahar and Michaela Haderer recount their inspiring encounter with Nobel Memorial Prize winner, Thomas J. Sargent, and explain how it will influence their academic pursuits and career aspirations

Anna-Sophia, a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) student, and Michaela, a PhD candidate, discuss their workshop insights, the advantages of studying Economics at Sydney, and offer tips for prospective students.

Recap: Nobel Laureate-led workshop experience

Anna-Sophia: It was an incredible honour to have Thomas Sargent visit us at the University of Sydney. As well as answering questions from the audience on everything from career advice to the fiscal theory of the price level, he provided insights into his economic approaches and worldview that were invaluable.

Michaela: I had the honour of hosting a workshop with Thomas Sargent. The workshop covered various topics, including macroeconomic theory, fiscal and monetary policy discussions, and the history of economic thought.

Group photo of Economics students in lecture theatre

Workshop insights: Biggest takeaway & lessons learned

Anna-Sophia: Thomas Sargent’s dedication to enriching quantitative tools in economics definitely inspired me to improve my coding skills!

Michaela: One of the most significant takeaways from the workshop was the advice to have an open mind and the willingness to question one's assumptions. Professor Sargent emphasized the importance of regularly testing and refining economic theories and being open to revising them based on evolving evidence.

Studying economics at the University of Sydney has helped me develop my time management and teamwork skills, as well as allowing me to grow my network, which will be useful in the workplace.
Anna-Sophia Zahar, Bachelor of Economics (Honours)

The University of Sydney for Economics: What makes it a top choice?

Anna-Sophia: From the beautiful campus to the lively culture, the University of Sydney was always the dream place for me to study. Sydney’s economics program is also amazing, and the faculty is incredible.

Michaela: The PhD program in Economics at the University of Sydney has allowed me to engage in in-depth research on macroeconomics, while working closely with faculty members and fellow researchers. I chose the University of Sydney for its excellent reputation in both research and teaching in economics, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with top scholars in the field.

Economics as a career: Advice for school leavers

Anna-Sophia: Do it! From my (perhaps biased) perspective, there's no other subject that will give you such a broad understanding of how the world works as it is the science of everything.

Michaela: If you're considering studying economics, I would advise you to keep an open mind and be ready to challenge assumptions. As a constantly evolving field, it is essential to stay current with the latest research and theories. I would also recommend participating in research projects or internships in the public or private sector to learn about the broad range of opportunities available in the field of economics.

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