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5 reasons to study a Bachelor of Economics

3 June 2021

A global, flexible and highly employable qualification

The Bachelor of Economics will equip you with the skills, knowledge and industry expertise to make real-world impact and succeed in your career.

1. Be at the forefront of making real-world impact 

The Bachelor of Economics (BEc) will provide you with a lens to see and analyse the world critically. In an age where content is everywhere and fact-checking is scarce, the ability to reflect and form coherent arguments addressing our most pressing issues is extremely valuable. 

The study of economics is a hallway to understanding the factors at play that shape our society. From the nitty-gritty at the individual level to understanding decision making at the local and national level, to learning about the international markets. Our courses will harness you with the knowledge to seek out solutions that address challenges of our time such as climate change and inequality. 

2. Join the ranks of Australia’s most employable

One of the biggest advantages of studying an economics degree is the diverse range of job opportunities your skills and knowledge will equip you for. The ability to work in both private and public sectors is a huge bonus if you are undecided about where you want to take your career and want to leave your options open. 

As Australia’s leading university for graduate employability, our students are prepared to enter the workforce. You will gain a deeper understanding of economic and social policies to work across a broad range of careers and roles – from accountant, banker, consultant, to economic analyst and social policy adviser. 

3. Relevant and adaptable study options to suit your interests

Our course structure in the Bachelor of Economics is designed to tailor your interests and explore your potential. Whether you are a fanatic in the environmental, agricultural or financial aspects of economics, or you geek out on statistics and data, this all-encompassing discipline will have the units relevant to you. 

With our 4 majors and minors and a diverse range of foundational and elective units, you will be in charge of carving out the pathway in this degree. 

To be even more flexible, combine it with a Bachelor of Advanced Studies to distinguish yourself and explore more options.

4. Gain industry knowledge 

Our academics and researchers are leaders in their fields - take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. We have relationships with worldly institutions such as Yale University and the World Bank, and host regular visiting scholars from these institutions.

It is never too early to start networking, the student-run Sydney Uni Economics and Econometrics Society (EconSoc) allows you to meet your fellow students (your future colleagues), as well as hearing from members of the private and public industries, and of course fun times such as trivia nights and drinks!

5. Fulfill your career ambitions

The Bachelor of Economics is the pathway to a wide variety of interesting and rewarding careers. Our teaching will lay the foundations for you to pursue your passion across a diverge range of industries in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
Whether your heart lies in the creative arts, if you want to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit or immerse yourself in the development of public policy, the foundation of economics will help you realise your ambitions.

“My background in economics and accounting has been invaluable in every role I’ve held. It’s particularly useful in running a business and I’m always grateful that I have such a firm foundation in cashflow, balance sheets, economics and so on. Even now, as a practising artist, it’s great to be able to rely on these skills to run the business side of art.”
Valerie Khoo, Founder & CEO of the Australian Writers' Centre, Bachelor of Economics alumna

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