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15 April 2021

Dorothy Hoddinott awarded honorary doctorate

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate to Dorothy Hoddinott AO in recognition of her outstanding contributions to public education, social justice and human rights.
16 March 2021

Becoming Valerie Khoo: So you want to be a…?

Alumna Valerie Khoo, CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, shares how she continues to follow her curiosity and why her economics degree is invaluable in her creative career.
15 March 2021

Will women forsake the Liberal party at the next election?

Last election, the Liberal party attracted the lowest number of votes from women since 1987. This trend could continue, however, as Dr Sarah Cameron explains, voting behaviour is often impacted by the salient issues of the day.
12 March 2021

Evidence shows mental illness isn't a reason to doubt women survivors

Research reveals many women demonstrate resilience after violence and abuse. Others report mental distress made worse by disappointing system responses, victim-blaming, and other negative social impacts, writes Dr Emma Tseris.
09 March 2021

Playing Beatie Bow brought to thundering life in a joyous stage play

Dr Vanessa Berry, lecturer in Creative Writing, reviews the stage production of Playing Beatie Bow by Sydney Theatre Company.
05 March 2021

A military-led internet shutdown in Myanmar may be imminent

Technology has played a key role for both sides engaged in the conflict. So what would happen if Myanmar's military shut down all communication to the outside? Dr Susan Banki from Sydney Southeast Asia Centre explains.
05 March 2021

Pride of place: a new scholarship supports the LGBTIQ+ community

Balancing the demands of university with a commitment to volunteering and activism, Hayden struggled to make ends meet. A new scholarship changed everything.
01 March 2021

The best way to read Jane Austen? Out loud!

Ruth Wilson's PhD thesis proposes an unusual strategy in her re-imagining of established practices for teaching and reading the novels of Jane Austen. Read them aloud just as Jane Austen read them with family and friends.
19 February 2021

Myanmar's young protesters are funny, brave and media-savvy

Young anti-coup protesters in Myanmar are using pop culture references to Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, and punk and pop music to get their message across and they won't back down, writes Dr Susan Banki of Sydney Southeast Asia Centre.
18 February 2021

What experts think of Facebook's news ban

Facebook has banned the sharing of news content in Australia. University of Sydney experts in computer science, media, business and health comment on the implications of the decision.