22 October 2021

Sydney Rare Book Week: explore the treasures of the library

The library's collections encompass the precious, the beautiful and the downright weird. During Sydney Rare Book Week, we celebrate these riches, from valuable comics to texts that shaped history.

20 October 2021

Shaping public policy in Indonesia

Studying a Master of International Studies helped Adinda Muchtar discover her passion for public policy.
20 October 2021

Sharing Sciences Po students' stories

Ever wanted to travel abroad, immerse yourself in French culture, learn a new language and complete a dual degree?
18 October 2021

What to make of the legacy of Holocaust survivors

Few Holocaust survivors remain, and soon there will be none. Dr Avril Alba writes that it is up to us to continue their legacy of remembrance and education: the continued dangers of racism, antisemitism and political and social inequalities underscore this.
15 October 2021

From an arts degree to connecting global talents at TikTok

From an economics degree and interning at OECD, to appearing on news headlines as a TikTok creator and now TikTok’s Community Manager, Pavel Grozdov’s non-linear career is one based on a strong foundation in the arts.

14 October 2021

How an economics degree fuels a start-up career

Ashan Dias is a postgraduate alumnus and former international student creating new opportunities for young businesses.

13 October 2021

Rethinking Australia in many languages

Understanding Australia requires more than knowledge of the English language. Professor Adrian Vickers highlights the wealth of non-English sources and cross-cultural exchanges that can reorient our perspective on the Australian story.
12 October 2021

Social Work students embark on COVID-response online seminars

COVID has presented significant challenges for social work students who are required to do placements as part of their degree. Dr Margaret Spencer, Field Education Director, has a creative solution.
11 October 2021

Mastering communications with a career change

From Singapore to Sydney, Victoria Ong’s Master of Media Practice has taken her from interviewing Ed Sheeran to reporting from the amazing parts in Asia.

08 October 2021

Repatriation: bringing remains home to Vanuatu

After discovering human remains in the caves of Futuna in 1964, archaeologists shipped them to the USA for further analysis. But when the analysis never happened, they sat in storage for years. Until Dr James Flexner and colleagues set about returning them home.