18 August 2021

Where social justice meets the real world

Dr Susan Banki from the Department of Sociolology and Social Policy tells us about her research into the politics of Myanmar, and explains her role in the launch of the new Master of Social Justice degree.

11 August 2021

'Don’t call me inspirational'

Digital cultures expert Dr Mark Johnson evaluated several livestreamers' attitudes towards themselves and their viewers. He found that not all gamers with severe disabilities want to be perceived as victims.
10 August 2021

A job in government policy? Get an Arts degree

Final year student, Catherine Londos, hones in on her passions in social justice and women’s rights to help chart the future of public policy – all thanks to her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney.

06 August 2021

$6m bequest for archaeology from former professor and curator

Archaeology professor, curator of the Nicholson Museum for 37 years and founder of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Professor Cambitoglou has bequeathed $6 million to the Institute.
06 August 2021

Three English academics launch major international book series

A new book series, edited by University of Sydney staff from the Novel Network, will explore the critical themes of novel theory and the relationship between the novel and society.

05 August 2021

How to predict a stock market bubble in real-time

A new method for identifying financial bubbles could help policymakers avert catastrophes like the burst of the 2007 housing bubble in the US. It is also applicable to traders, as it garners over 3 percent extra profit compared to a 'buy and hold' share investment strategy.
02 August 2021

Spreading love to our neighbours through computers

As Sydney continues to grapple with the challenges brought by COVID-19, members of our University have been quietly helping the most vulnerable in our neighbouring community at the Glebe.

26 July 2021

Over 150 computers donated for Aboriginal children’s home learning

It's hard enough for school students to learn from home during Greater Sydney's ongoing lockdown. But what if you don't even have a computer? A University staff member has organised a donation drive to rectify this issue for Aboriginal children in need.
17 July 2021

Donation from Penelope Seidler creates Visual Understanding Initiative

A generous gift will improve students' visual literacy and help researchers understand how images shape the world.
15 July 2021

International student spotlight: Study at Sydney and online

When COVID-19 hit, international student Urvashi Bandhu had just started her second year. She doubted if classes could be run online effectively and whether she would cope. Now, she quite enjoys it and says it shouldn't deter students from enrolling.