28 September 2021

‘Kiss me I’m vaxxed’: Art student launches start-up while in lockdown

We talk to Art Curating student Chloe Morrissey, the founder of ‘Kiss me I’m Vaccinated.’, on her creative journey with the campaign, and her passion for art curation and social causes.

27 September 2021

From an arts degree to connecting global cultures

Who says an arts degree doesn’t get you a job in tech? Anastasia Pavlovic is an arts graduate with an Indonesian Studies major and a big remit to connect brands in every language in the world.
27 September 2021

From an arts degree to predicting the housing market

For arts graduate, Eliza Owen, her degree helped shape the way she made sense of the world. Now she helps others make sense of the housing market as a leading economist at CoreLogic.
27 September 2021

From an arts degree to influencing Australia’s global future

From interning for a US senator to influencing Australia’s place in the world as a communications manager for the Lowy Institute, Salina Alvaro has cleverly melded her studies with her work.

27 September 2021

How an economics scholarship kickstarts a dream

Jake Lewis is a proud Wiradjuri man dreaming of ways to change the world – and the Sandra Cadwallader Scholarship could be the ticket for him do just that.
20 September 2021

Finding the meaning of life through economics

Boston Seinor is a Yadhaigana man seeking a philosophical answer to an economics question – and it’s all thanks to a life-changing scholarship.

06 September 2021

Intensive international opportunities via virtual OLEs

Did you know virtual programs, like virtual in-country experiences, can enable you to gain the valuable skills that you usually develop through in-person international experiences?