28 June 2021

Experienced teachers tackle big questions through PhD scholarships

Two teachers, with nearly 40 years of experience between them, are tackling some of their profession’s biggest challenges. Rayanne Shakra and Sara Ratner are undertaking PhD’s at the Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment (CEMA) and are supported by NESA scholarships.

28 June 2021

Sydney anthropologist wins Scholars of Color First Book Award

Dr Sophie Chao (History) has received the inaugural Duke University Press Scholars of Color First Book Award for her forthcoming monograph, In the Shadow of the Palms: More-Than-Human Becomings in West Papua.
15 June 2021

Visual Arts student makes her public debut with University project

Last year Visual Arts student Morgan Hogg created a Screen Arts project to highlight the Pacific Islands’ climate crisis and its cultural impacts. Her work re-emerged as an immersive exhibition in Sydney.
09 June 2021

Studying Political Economy

What is Political Economy (PE)? How is it different from Economics or Political Science? Unsure whether a background in maths is required to study PE? Read on to learn more about Political Economy and all your under and postgraduate study options.
08 June 2021

Fulbright Scholarship for Philosophy Alumna Hannah Orban

Hannah Orban, Philosophy Honours graduate, talks about her journey from Arts degree and NSW Govt graduate program working on initiatives for students with disability, to a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Michigan.
03 June 2021

5 reasons to study a Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics will equip you with the skills, knowledge and industry expertise to make real-world impact and succeed in your career.