15 July 2021

Vale Helge Larsen (1929-2021)

In complement with his eminent creative legacy, Helge Larsen made a profoundly important contribution to Sydney College of the Arts and the broader University of Sydney community.
13 July 2021

Supporting HSC students’ research projects

An innovative consultation process designed by the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies helps over two hundred HSC students through one-to-one interviews.
10 July 2021

Fancy footwork, butting heads: 5 experts talk UEFA

On Monday morning, the UEFA Euro 2020 will see soccer heavyweights, England and Italy, go head-to-head with hundreds of millions tuning in. Experts discuss the grand final, sports science and soccer's role in culture and society.
08 July 2021

How children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown

Mutual caring between Kinship and foster carers and the children in their custody emerged as a silver lining during last year's lockdown, a new report finds.
07 July 2021

First Nations academic paving the way for diversity and inclusion

As a Kamilaroi woman who became vision impaired as a child and is now working at the University’s Indigenous Research Hub, Dr Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes reflects on her day-to-day job as an advocate, researcher and academic.

05 July 2021

Facebook still allowing hate speech on public pages

Researchers at the University of Sydney and University of Queensland are calling on Facebook to do more consultation and offer better training for page moderators to respond to online hate speech in the Asia Pacific region.
05 July 2021

Victim blaming can affect trial outcomes

Child protection documents are often proffered as evidence in court cases. A new analysis finds the language used in these documents can adversely affect mothers and children who are subject to domestic and family violence.
01 July 2021

With research, communities should lead and academics follow

Historically, research was done 'on' communities. A new generation of researchers seeks to reverse this harmful practice. They say the goals of a newer, more beneficial method - community-led research - will only be fulfilled when communities take the research reins.
30 June 2021

Why GameStop didn't surprise economists

A new study finds 18 to 24-year-olds took riskier financial decisions when being observed, lending weight to this theory that can potentially influence public policy.
28 June 2021

Experienced teachers tackle big questions through PhD scholarships

Two teachers, with nearly 40 years of experience between them, are tackling some of their profession’s biggest challenges. Rayanne Shakra and Sara Ratner are undertaking PhD’s at the Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment (CEMA) and are supported by NESA scholarships.