Adam Smith at 300 publice lecture

Global celebrations to commemorate an economic visionary's timeless legacy

25 July 2023
A public lecture sponsored by the School of Economics
The School of Economics has collaborated with the University of Glasgow and a global network of leading institutions to celebrate the tercentenary of Adam Smith, a pivotal figure in the formation of economic science.

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On 16 June 2023 the School of Economics within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences hosted a public lecture celebrating the life and thought of Adam Smith, one of the great founding figures of the modern social sciences. At the initiative of the University’s School of Economics, the event had been aligned with the ‘Smith Around the World’ lecture series being led by our partner institution, the University of Glasgow, and involving participation of leading universities across the globe, throughout 2023.

Emeritus Professor Tony Aspromourgos presenting the lecture

Emeritus Professor of Economics, Tony Aspromourgos presents the lecture, Adam Smith at 300

Adam Smith, a Scottish moral philosopher and political economist, is recognised as a pioneering figure in the formation of political economy, laying the groundwork for the modern academic discipline of economics. The lecture, Adam Smith at 300, took place on the tercentenary of Smith’s baptism date, 16 June in our calendar, his actual birthdate being unknown.

To mark this historic occasion and gain insights into the life and contributions of this historic figure, an audience of economists, alumni, researchers and students gathered at the Social Sciences Building to hear from distinguished historian of economics and authority on Adam Smith, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Tony Aspromourgos. Professor Aspromourgos, who lectured at the University for over 35 years until 2021, is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and an author of numerous publications in international economic journals as well as books, including The Science of Wealth: Adam Smith and the Framing of Political Economy. With the aim of recovering Smith’s genuine voice and thought, Professor Aspromourgos examined Smith’s life, publications and other writings, and his economic theory and policy views. Furthermore, the significance of Smith’s economics for contemporary economic challenges was addressed – environmental crisis and inequality in particular.

The partnership between the University of Glasgow and the University of Sydney has opened doors to enhancing research quality, improving teaching and learning, and facilitating knowledge exchange, even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. Joining the Adam Smith tercentenary events as part of this partnership network is one of the many collaborative activities that bring immense benefits to our community.

The School of Economics and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are delighted to continue Adam Smith Tercentenary celebrations by hosting another event in November this year: a public lecture by the British journalist and author, Sir John Kay, as part of the ‘Smith Around the World’ lecture series planned by the University of Glasgow.

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