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2 August 2023

Equipping students with practical skills and networks through an industry placement

National Archives of Australia reflects on their recent experience hosting a Master of Museum and Heritage Studies student, Emma, praising her research and advanced communication skills.

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Photo: Front entrance of National Archives of Australia, supplied by National Archives of Australia

National Archives of Australia, a federal agency responsible for safeguarding the records of Australian Government decisions and actions, plays a vital role in connecting Australians with the nation’s memory, identity, and history. In a remarkable collaboration, National Archives’ NSW Office has partnered with the School of Art, Communication and English within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to offer placements to our students.  

These placements have proven to be a valuable opportunity for our students, equipping them with the necessary skills and industry exposure for establishing a successful career. Craig, Senior Archival Officer at National Archives of Australia, shared his perspective on the partnership’s impact and hosting Emma, a Master of Museum and Heritage Studies student, as an intern.

We believe that by providing students with a front row seat to our daily operations, it can enhance understanding of potential employment opportunities and empower students to make well-informed career choices upon graduation.
Craig, Senior Archival Officer, National Archives of Australia
Student Emma at the National Archives of Australia

Photo: Emma, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies student working at National Archives of Australia.

At National Archives of Australia, placement students are provided with an opportunity to draw on their research skills and explore the extensive collection, in particular materials relating to their own family history or research interests. Emma, for example, delved into Second World War service and repatriation records, leveraging her research skills to uncover her family's past. The placement was also integrated into academic learning outcomes, as she showcased these findings in a presentation at the University of Sydney. Emma also had the opportunity to engage with different teams and observe the organisation’s day-to-day operation such as invigilating researchers in the NSW Research Centre, giving her a holistic                                                                         overview of their functions.  

Craig praises Emma’s enthusiasm and deep level of engagement.

Emma demonstrated much enthusiasm for the work of our organisation. Her research skills were on display throughout her internship, as well as her advanced written and verbal communication skills.
Craig, Senior Archival Officer, National Archives of Australia

Upon completion of her placement, Emma was successful in securing a position with the organisation. Encouraging other students to pursue placements, Emma emphasises the benefit of making industry connections, discovering their passion, and maximising long-term educational opportunities. 

My placement has been the most rewarding part of my studies. Apart from the practical skills I developed, I also received career advice that has already proven invaluable! If you’re thinking about undertaking a placement, I cannot recommend it enough. Aside from building a network in the industry, placements help you discover where your passions lie and how you’re going to make the most of your studies in the long term.
Emma, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies student.

National Archives of Australia values the benefits of building a relationship with the University and are keen to continue this partnership into the future.  

We were very happy to be hosting Emma’s internship. We hope that we can continue to build the relationship with the University of Sydney going forward.
Craig, Senior Archival Officer, National Archives of Australia

This collaborative effort between National Archives of Australia and the University of Sydney illustrates how industry partnerships can have a lasting impact on a student’s education and future career.  

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