Explore Social and Political Sciences at Sydney

29 November 2023
Discover how societies work and solve global problems with us
Situated in the vibrant Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, we're a community of passionate researchers and educators dedicated to student-centred excellence. Together, we explore human society intricacies and craft innovative global solutions.

Welcome to our school, where knowledge thrives in four distinct Disciplines: Anthropology, Government and International Relations, Political Economy, and Sociology and Criminology. Each discipline offers a unique perspective on society, and while you can specialise in one, the synergies between them make pursuing a Major and Minor, or even a Double Major, an enticing prospect.


Step into the realm of Australia's oldest-established Anthropology discipline, renowned for its groundbreaking studies on Australia's First Nations peoples. Delve into contemporary issues like gender, health, the environment, and development studies through an emphasis on ethnographic fieldwork. Gain a well-rounded and grounded outlook, ideal for a diverse range of career paths.

Government and International Relations

Navigate the complex world of politics, international relations, and public policy in this dynamic discipline. Engage in debates on political theory, power dynamics, and the intricacies of political actors on both domestic and international stages. Our graduates scale the heights of Australian politics, journalism, public service, legal professions, academia, NGOs, and beyond.

Political Economy

Embark on a journey of understanding the economy in its real-world context. Explore climate change, the energy crisis, black lives, and more, applying diverse perspectives to develop solutions. Our students evolve into business and finance journalists, policy advisers, and key players in banks, consulting firms, civil society organizations, and government agencies.

Sociology and Criminology

Dive into the majors of Sociology and Criminology, exploring Socio-Legal Studies and Social Policy. Our dedicated staff focus on critical areas such as First Nations, health, inequality, human rights, and crime. Engage in public debates on climate change, social justice, and international conflicts. Graduates shape social policy, advocate for social change, and apply their skills across various domains.

We are not just educators; we are agents of social transformation. Through innovative curriculum, practical placements, and scholarship opportunities, we are committed to addressing social injustice. Join us in unravelling the complexities of society and envisioning a brighter future. We can't wait to welcome you to the exciting world of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney.

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