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School of Social and Political Sciences

Confronting the enduring and emerging challenges of our time
Concentrating on five research themes: health, markets, governance, inequality and environment, our work interprets and makes sense of societies, nation states and people.

The School of Social and Political Sciences is a leading centre of excellence, uniting disciplines such as Criminology, Sociology, Political Economy, Government and International Relations and  Anthropology. Our diverse range of single,  undergraduate, joint and post graduate programmes are ranked highly both nationally and internationally.  We excel in research with global relevance, addressing real-world challenges and employing innovative teaching methods in the social sciences.

Focusing on five core research themes: health, markets, governance, inequality and environment, we analyse societies, geo-political conflicts, social injustice, nation-states, and individual experiences.

Through extensive multidisciplinary networks and research centres, our academics maintain strong international connections, enriching public policy debates.

Notable initiatives like the Ted Wheelwright Lecture draw over 600 participants, while Social Sciences Week hosts uniting researchers, activists and policymakers in the pursuit of equity and accountable governance.

These efforts showcase our commitment to advancing knowledge in the field, making the complex issues of our time more accessible and engaging.

Our disciplines

Our study offerings

We offer three research degrees across all disciplines. You will need to have a substantial background in your preferred discipline to be eligible to enrol. 


Our placement program offers students the opportunity to consolidate their academic studies and become job-ready in a rapidly evolving market through work-integrated learning and skills-development. Students can engage in specialised placement projects with some of the most highly sought after government and private sector organisations, local and global NGOs, think tanks and research companies across Australia and overseas. Learn more about our internships and placements.

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Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics


A degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics provides you with strong disciplinary training and creative interdisciplinary perspectives to broaden your worldview and unlock your leadership potential.


A $12,500 postgraduate scholarship to support the research of the role of women in societies from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. Learn more

A $45,000 per annum postgraduate scholarship to support research students to undertake research in the field of anthropology. Learn more

A $10,000 postgraduate coursework scholarship to support full time students commencing the Master of Social Justice at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Learn more 

An honours and postgraduate research scholarship funding up to $20,000 to assist students who are undertaking a research project in anthropology to conduct fieldwork. Learn more

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  • Terri Drage, School Administration Assistant - Teaching and Curriculum

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  • Kashmira Aspar, Student Placement Officer

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  • Janet Bunn, Communications and Events Officer
  • Catherine Hines, School Administration Assistant - Communications and Events

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  • Imogen Kavanagh, Research Support Officer

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School of Social and Political Sciences

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