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About this honours subject area

The fourth year honours program in Anthropology provides you with the opportunity to research in greater detail a region of the world or comparative theme that you have become interested in during the completion of your major.

In your first semester you will do two seminar based units of study that cap off your training in foundational debates in the discipline. You will also begin work with a supervisor on research towards a 20,000 word dissertation. They will support your formulation of your own research problem and identification of the literature and empirical material required to address it.

In cooperation with your fellow honours students and supported by a workshop you will develop and extend the following skills:

  • time and work management over a prolonged period of time;
  • efficient reading and note-taking practices;
  • how to organise large volumes of research material and references;
  • how to structure and write a literature review;
  • how to integrate analysis with your empirical data in the writing of your chapters; and
  • how to revise and edit text in several draft stages.

Most importantly you will gain the intellectual satisfaction of developing and completing your own project and of turning anthropology to your own purposes. 

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