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The International and Global Studies Honours program provides a capstone year of study for students with research ambitions in International and Global Studies. It is an intensive program of advanced coursework and individual research focused on your research project. An Honours year prepares you to undertake a research higher degree or enter the workforce with higher-level skills, and is thus the first step to careers as professional researchers and academics. In addition to a fourth-year unit taken by all INGS students, you enroll in one specialist Honours seminar plus write a 18,000–20,000-word thesis on a topic of your choice. The thesis is a substantial piece of writing that allows you to engage in independent research under the supervision of a FASS staff member, who provides feedback and guidance. The thesis refines your research, analytical and writing skills; it extends your intellectual range, and develops personal and professional attributes needed to complete a major project. These skills and attributes in research, analysis, argumentation and writing will benefit you in your career path. The Honours seminar will prepare you in research methods and thesis writing.

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