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Honours subject area

The study of anatomy and histology is organised into four disciplines: topographical anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology and embryology. These disciplines consider cell structure and the basic tissues of the mammalian body, musculoskeletal anatomy, and the anatomy of the brain.

Taking an honours year or graduate diploma in anatomy and histology will provide you with the opportunity to complete original research on a project supervised by a member of staff who is an expert in your specialist area.

There are a range of projects on offer, in areas such as animal development, muscle research, structural cell biology, vision and cognition, reproduction, pain research, human molecular genetics and more.

During your honours year, you will have access to research facilities and resources including a molecular biology facility, electron microscopes, advanced imaging facilities and laser capture microdissection equipment.

To qualify for admission to honours or the graduate diploma, you must achieve suitable results in senior anatomy and histology or neuroscience.

About this honours pathway

Unit of study requirements for Honours in the area of Anatomy and Histology: completion of 36 credit points of project work and 12 credit points of coursework.

For further details about honours and who to contact for more information, please visit the Science honours page.

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