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Honours subject area

Computer science involves the study of computers and the programs that run on computers. If you are quite technically minded and wish to contribute to the future development and support of technology, computer science will appeal to you.

Studies in computer science are on a foundation of computer programming, with a study of algorithms, data structures, networks and operating system internals. Throughout your studies, you will gain the crucial skills necessary to complete substantial software development projects.

About honours

The computer science honours provides specialist training in preparation for postgraduate research in computer science, and for IT research and development in industry or business.

The aim of the honours course in computer science is not to cover the full breadth of IT, but rather to introduce you to the cutting edge in selected areas of research and practice.

It provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the research carried out by members of the school, as you will undertake an independent research project in a specialist area of computer science, under the supervision of an academic staff member who is an expert in your selected area. You will also undertake relevant coursework units.

Unit of study requirements for Honours in the area of Computer Science: completion of 24 credit points of project work and 24 credit points of coursework.

For further details about honours and who to contact for more information, please visit the Science honours page.

Courses that offer this honours area

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