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Honours subject area

About this honours subject area

All students may qualify for the honours year, regardless of the language level at which they commenced. To qualify for honours you must complete the major with an average of 70 percent or above. 

An example of a combination of units for honours would consist of HBRW3610 to HBRW3613.

The honours year affords you an even broader exposure to Modern Hebrew which involves a high level usage of the language as well as a deeper understanding and knowledge of its linguistic features.

It allows you to take advanced seminars and it culminates with the completion of a research thesis on a topic of your choice, which you can write in either English or Hebrew.

To commence study in the year

The course information on this website applies only to future students. Current students should refer to faculty handbooks for current or past course information.

To help you understand common terms that we use at the University, we offer an online glossary.