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About this honours subject area

Increasing the sustainable production of plant food and fibre products over the next 50 years is one of the great global challenges facing the planet. This task is made more complex by climate change, which will place the use of existing plant production systems under question.

The plant production system encompasses the basic genetic and physiological regulations on plant growth, the impact on growth of the important abiotic and biotic variables (soil, water, nutrients, disease and pests) and the over-arching influence of management processes.

Achieving increased economically and environmentally sustainable plant productivity will be dependent on implementing innovations across all aspects of the production system while more efficiently using resources and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Study in this honours area will further your training in areas such as plant biology (physiology, biochemistry, plant molecular biology and breeding), soil science, plant protection (integrated insect, disease and weed management), sustainable crop management (agronomy), automation and precision agriculture.

About this honours pathway

Unit of study requirements for Honours in the area of Plant Production: completion of 24 credit points of project work and 12 credit points of coursework.

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