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Honours subject area

About this honours subject area

An honours year in Food Science will further your knowledge and skills in the food and agribusiness sector, with a focus on the underpinning science of food products and processes.

The interdisciplinary and applied nature of this discipline means it is complementary with many other fields of study in the life and environmental sciences.

About this honours pathway

The honours year represents the bridge between undergraduate studies (which are content-driven) and postgraduate studies (which are research-driven).

During honours, you will undertake a major research project on a specialised topic under the direction of a supervisor (and sometimes a co-supervisor), submit a thesis embodying the results of your investigation and undertake the relevant coursework.

Unit of study requirements for Honours in the area of Food Science: completion of 24 credit points of project work and 12 credit points of coursework. 

For further details about honours and who to contact for more information, please visit the Science honours page.

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