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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences announces new Deputy Dean

26 March 2024
Professor Matt McGuire will join the senior leadership team
Literary studies scholar, Professor Matt McGuire has been appointed Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Image of Professor Matt McGuire

Professor Matt McGuire, newly appointed Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Matt McGuire as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). After almost 20 years as a literature studies scholar, Professor Matt McGuire will bring his expertise and new perspective to the senior leadership team. He will commence his new role in April 2024.

“I am deeply passionate about the vital role the arts and social sciences disciplines play in understanding society and helping us to shape and transform it for the better,” he said.

“I’m a strong believer in the power of research and education to change peoples’ lives. I look forward to supporting the university’s commitment to becoming a more progressive and socially inclusive institution.”

Forging literary excellence 

After receiving his PhD in English literature from the University of Edinburgh, Professor Matt McGuire began his career in literary studies, specialising in contemporary Irish and Scottish literature.

He has published widely, including two novels, and held significant roles in his discipline including President of the Australian University Heads of English. Matt has also contributed to the leadership of the Humanities, Arts and Social Science at national level via membership of DASSH, the Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

He highlights two standout achievements that underscore his commitment to the arts and social sciences.

“The first is being made Dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University in 2021,” he said. “It was a privilege to lead such a remarkable group of academic and professional staff and have such a positive impact on the lives of our students.”

“The second highlight would be the opportunity to attend the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University in 2023.”

A better place to work, and a place that works better

With an ambition to deliver sustained and consistent excellence, Professor Matt McGuire has a clear vision for what he wants to accomplish as the newly appointed Deputy Dean.

I see my appointment as Deputy Dean an opportunity to help coordinate the faculty's contribution to world-class excellence in research, teaching and learning.
Professor Matt McGuire

“I am also excited to use my role in the senior leadership team to support the Sydney in 2032 aspirations to make the university a better place to work for its staff,” he said.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Lisa Adkins, said Professor Matt McGuire’s appointment will play a key role in enabling the Faculty to deliver on its FASS Strategy 2024-25 aspirations.

“We are very much looking forward to Matt joining our team. His leadership experience alongside his deep knowledge of the FASS disciplines and the role they can play in transformational societal change means that he is extremely well-positioned to be a key contributor to our faculty’s strategy. In that respect, this is a very timely appointment,” said Professor Lisa Adkins.

Matt McGuire is looking forward to cultivating deep connections with academic and professional staff in FASS and across the university more broadly. 

“Given the university’s international reputation, the prospect of working alongside world-class and leading scholars in FASS is also very exciting,” he said.

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