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Research to develop methodology and practice

The Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment’s (CEMA) research focus is on developing teaching and learning through the work of our academic staff and doctoral students.
  • Developing theories and models of educational assessment to improve formative and summative assessment in different educational settings

  • Evaluating how the different types of assessment influence the effectiveness of learning processes and systems
  • Exploring the impacts and opportunities offered by new assessment technologies in test design, test distribution, test administration and delivering results
  • Constructing and validating measurement scales for cognitive and non-cognitive constructs
  • Researching notions of validity and reliability in different educational assessment contexts

  • Exploring the use of modern measurement theory to build scales to accommodate the measurement of 21st Century skills and to measure the impact of learning on these skills
  • Exploring how psychometrics is changing education and assessment and how it is impacting on lifelong learning
  • Building expertise through institutional research

What’s the Evidence: Developing indicators of teacher quality to investigate the predictive validity of teaching performance assessments - A joint research project with the Sydney School of Education and Social Work.

Developing rubrics to assess students across the University’s Graduate Qualities  - A joint research project with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education).

Higher Degree Research Students

Rahma Al-Alawi

Developing a comprehensive framework to enhance technology-based formative assessment practice in higher education courses.

Abdullah Alzhrany

An inquiry into teacher assessment literacy: The development of an assessment framework and instrument to measure the assessment literacy of teachers in Saudi Arabia.

Li Liang

Realigning tertiary education and 21st century skills for the millennial generations: Evaluating university teachers’ formative assessment with digital technologies and the effects on students’ learning of 21st century skills.

Shafiza Binti Mohamed

Developing a procedure to align the national assessment of curriculum-based high-stake, national examination to the policy requirement for digital literacy.

Kuliga Tanasavate

Framework for validating and measuring English proficiency for Thai tour guides.

Weiping Xu

Assessment on student’s innovation ability in an online environment.

Amanda Gorham

Teacher education preparation and assessment: A fresh perspective.

Sara Ratner

Australian schools on the world stage: How well are we performing and how do we really know?

Nicholas Reynolds

Research to be confirmed.

Rayanne Shakra

Perceptions of assessment knowledge and understanding required to demonstrate graduate and proficient career level standards in NSW.

Jay Lim

Exploring the Theory of Formative Assessment and its Implementation in the Classroom.

Read more about Sara Ratner's and Rayanne Shakra's research.

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