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South Pole

International and Global Studies

Transnational, multicultural, globalised environments
We bring together researchers with expertise in history, languages, politics, gender, culture, and law to examine contemporary global challenges in holistic terms.

Today’s international environment is a complex series of interconnections between nation-states and regions, transnational organisations and communications systems, natural resources, cultures, laws, trading regimes, surveillance mechanisms, migration, and refugee flows, bound up with security, environmental and health problems. 

We explore the causes and consequences of globalisation in the contexts of business, diplomacy, policy development, environmentalism, and advocacy.

Our research and teaching examines the dramatic paradoxes of globalisation by undertaking an integrated, cross-disciplinary analysis of global trends, development, culture, and inequality in the context of a global civil society.

Our research

  • Climate policy
  • Political economy
  • International history and foreign relations
  • Cultural studies
  • Migration
  • Gender, sexuality and law
  • Global cyber security
  • Civil society
  • Human rights
  • Ethnicity, religion and the state
  • 20th century political movements
  • European Union politics and policy


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David Brophy

Senior Lecturer of Modern Chinese History
  • +61 2 9351 3918
  • Room 605 Brennan MacCallum A18