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Professional learning for community languages teachers

High-quality programs for community languages schools
In partnership with the NSW Department of Education, we offer a broad range of workshops and courses to support development of teachers working in community-languages schools.


The Community Languages Teaching – Foundation program is a 60-hour professional-learning program for teachers working in NSW Government-funded Community Languages Schools.

The program will help you to:

  • understand how children learn and develop languages and how to teach them
  • engage and interest students in maintaining and extending their language and cultural abilities
  • plan lessons and assess student learning
  • develop resources and teaching activities that work with a range of students

Lessons for the weekly mode of delivery will be three hours long (5–8pm) on Thursday nights for 17 weeks from July 21 to November 24 (excluding school holidays).

An intensive program that can be completed in 9 weeks will also be available on Sundays, commencing August 14 and concluding October 23 (excluding school holidays). The hours of the Sunday program are 9am–4pm.

The third, and final, delivery method for 2022 is distance mode, commencing on the same day as the standard mode program: July 21. The distance mode will be a series of weekly online sessions. You will cover one topic a week independently, as well as three compulsory face-to-face workshops to revceive additional help and guidance. Studying by distance is great because you can plan your time and work at your own pace, but it can be difficult without regular contact, so we want you to stay connected with your tutor and with other students. This mode is only recommended for teachers who have a strong understanding of English.

Whichever study mode you choose, the Foundation program includes a visit to a mainstream school to observe teaching. This experience is interactive and practical, giving you confidence and new ideas in working with young children, teenagers and adults. A NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a mandatory requirement for this component of the program. Information about applying for WWCCs is available online at Service NSW. Applying for a WWWC can be completed online at the Office of the Children's Guardian at  

Students undertaking the Foundation program are assessed on their practical skills, including developing resources, behaviour management strategies and classroom activities.

Applications for enrolments for the program are OPEN until 11.30pm on Thursday, June 30.

The advanced program is a 60-hour program for community languages schools teachers in NSW and those who have completed the Community Languages Teaching Program – Foundation (see above) or equivalent.

The program will help you to:

  • plan units of work
  • develop advanced teaching skills
  • use technology in the classroom 
  • mentor other teachers.

For the assessment, you will research a topic of interest such as developing a school program or designing materials and resources that you will then present to other teachers in the program.

Lessons for the weekly mode of delivery will be three hours long (5–8pm) on Thursday nights for 17 weeks from August 4 to December 8 (excluding school holidays) at Inner Sydney High School, 244 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. Teachers accepted into the Thursday night classes are expected to attend three sessions in person. All other sessions will be held using Zoom.

The program will also be available in intensive mode. These classes will be held on Sundays from 9am–4pm at the Education Building A35, University of Sydney, for nine weeks, commencing August 28 and concluding November 6 (excluding school holidays). Teachers accepted into the Sunday Intensive class are expected to attend two sessions in person. All other sessions will be held using Zoom.

Applications for enrolments for the program are OPEN until 11:30pm on Sunday, July 17.

The Community Languages School Leadership and Management Program is a 60 contact-hour program for school principals, leaders and management committees.

You will learn up-to-date ways to teach students and design school programs, as well as develop skills in leading and supporting teachers. There is a focus on learning how to manage schools, organise finances and meet government requirements. 

For the assessment task, you will need to evaluate aspects of your school and develop a plan of action. To assist in this, experienced principals of community languages schools will mentor groups of participants.

Program Director

Professor Ken Cruickshank



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