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Professional learning calendar

Courses for education and social work professionals
View our wide range of short courses, workshops and conferences, which are delivered online, at your school or workplace, or on campus at the University of Sydney.

While it is anticipated that restrictions on gatherings will be eased towards the end of the year, please note that registrations for in-person professional learning activities will be limited to the legally recommended limits at the time. Online learning modules will proceed as planned without COVID-19 registration limits. Further dates for events listed below will be published as, and when, they are known. Read more about the University’s advice regarding COVID-19.


Assessment Literacy for Teachers: modules 1–6

Mode of delivery: self-paced online Professional Learning
Further information: webpage
Course enquiries:
Cost: $330 per module


Description: The Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment, in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, has developed a suite of fully online PL modules focusing on Assessment Literacy for Teachers. Any number of modules may be studied, in any order. Each module can be completed in 4-6 hours and is endorsed by NESA at Proficient Teacher. The modules have been designed for primary and secondary teachers and will soon be complemented by a suite of modules on Data Literacy, which are currently being designed by the Centre Director, Professor Jim Tognolini. As well, the centre is planning to develop modules for teachers in middle and senior leadership roles. The Assessment Literacy modules support teachers’ engagement with, and understanding of, assessment and the use of data to inform teaching and learning. After successfully completing all six modules teachers will be eligible to undertake an extension assessment module for an additional fee. Successful completion of the complete program is equivalent to the University of Sydney postgraduate unit of study Assessment Literacy for School Teachers (EDPZ6011); your statement of completion may be used to apply for credit toward a Master of Education program.

The modules in this series are not individually higher-education awards and not qualifications recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Mentoring: one-day workshop

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Time: 9am–4pm
Venue: Education Building, The University of Sydney
Presenter: Deb Talbot
Further details: Download flyer (PDF, 543KB)
Cost: $297 (includes lunch)


Description: This one-day workshop introduces in-service teachers to the research-based continuum of mentoring - from mentoring as supervision to mentoring as collaborative professional learning. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers require that Highly Accomplished Teachers be able to demonstrate with evidence that they are able to support and assist less experienced colleagues with all aspects of their professional knowledge, practice and professional engagement. To do this effectively and in such a way as to support the professional learning of both the experienced and the novice teacher requires understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges presented by mentoring philosophies and practices. This workshop is designed to provide a foundation from which teachers might further develop their mentoring practices, including the collection of evidence, for accreditation at Highly Accomplished.

Action Research: modules 1 & 2

Date: 5 x Tuesdays per module, commencing 2021. Dates TBA.
Time: 4.30–6.30pm
Venue: Education Building, The University of Sydney
Presenter: Deb Talbot
Further details: Download flyer (PDF 500KB) | Webpage
Cost: $770 per module

Register for module 1 | Register for module 2

Description: The Action Research modules have been designed to meet the needs of teachers seeking to learn about and conduct their own action research project in their local context. They provide accredited hours of professional learning for teachers seeking to maintain accreditation at the level of Proficient Teacher, as well as for teachers who wish to build an evidence base before applying for accreditation at Highly Accomplished. Accreditation at the Highly Accomplished Teacher level requires that teachers assemble evidence that they can support and assist less experienced colleagues with all aspects of professional knowledge, practice and professional engagement. Compiling evidence of these skills is a component of this course. Each module will contribute 20 hours of NESA Registered professional development at the Highly Accomplished Teacher level, comprising 5 x two-hour workshops plus 10 hours of project time developing a portfolio and conducting a professional learning project. Participants must attend all face-to-face sessions and successfully complete all assigned tasks to have their professional learning hours registered with NESA. Completion of Action Research Module 1 is a prerequisite for enrolment in Action Research Module 2.

Leadership in Aboriginal Education Conference 2020

Date: Friday, November 20, 2020
Time: 9am–4pm
Venue: The Epping Club, Rawson St, Epping
Keynote speakers:
    • Natalie Pierson, Aboriginal Education Coordinator, NSW Department
      of Education
    • Patrick Faucher, Principal, Yudi Gunyi School
Further details: Download flyer (PDF 782KB)
Cost: $297 (includes lunch)


Description:The Leadership in Aboriginal Education Conference will enable aspiring leaders to develop deeper understanding and practical strategies to effectively lead Aboriginal Education in their specific school community, through relevant research and current successful practice.

Participants will critically examine the contexts that shape Aboriginal Education and explicitly make connections between broader issues and the daily experience of teaching with some leading experts in the field. Detailed scenario-based workshops will build key skills in forward planning, sustainable improvement and problem-solving. There will be a strong focus on developing communities of practice to enhance the collective capacity to implement Aboriginal Education in your school. Attendees will finish the day emboldened with increased confidence and tangible strategies for navigating the next steps in Aboriginal Education in your workplace.

Successful Learning Conference 2020

Dates: TBA
Times: see conference page
Venue: The Epping Club, Rawson St, Epping
Keynote speakers: Aaron Lanou, Project Director, ASD Nest Support Project, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University, US, and Sarah R. Powell, Associate Professor, Department of Special Education, College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin, US

Description: This annual conference focuses on issues and developments in the provision of quality education for students K-12, in particular, for students whom teachers are providing adjustments. In 2020, we will be focusing on implementation of educational practices that are inclusive of students with a range of educational, social and emotional needs. The conference will engage with research outcomes that examine and demonstrate education practices that can be used with fidelity, and professional wisdom, across differing curriculum areas, and year levels. Specific focus will be given to literacy and numeracy, communication and social competence, Aboriginal and Indigenous education, assessment and decision-making, behaviour and social skills, technology, students’ mental health and trauma informed practice. Presentations and workshops will be given by teachers, consultants, community-based personnel and academics, from metropolitan and rural locations in NSW, interstate and overseas

Participants may attend the conference as a stand-alone event or as part of the Educational Studies (Learning Support) Program which includes five additional workshops held on Thursday evenings (4.30pm to 7.30pm) in July, August and September.

For more information, visit the Successful Learning Conference page.

Successful Learning Conference Day 3 masterclass

dynamICONS: Visual supports for clarifying communication

Date: TBA
Time: 9am–3pm
Venue: The Epping Club, Rawson St, Epping
Presenter: Aaron Lanou, Project Director, ASD Nest Support Project, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University, US
Further details: Download flyer (PDF, 540KB)
Cost: $190 (includes lunch)


Description: Educators give students directions, redirection, and guidance all day, every day, and it is always the hope and expectation that these directions are heard, understood, and followed precisely as intended. But more often than not there are breakdowns in one or more of these processes that result in many students not following through; they may have not heard, understood or remembered the directions. How can educators ensure that their instructions land so that classrooms run smoothly and learning happens consistently? In this hands-on exploratory masterclass, participants will learn how to implement dynamICONs, a set of seven specific, simple, yet powerful visual supports that help to clarify expectations for students with disabilities, and all others, in the inclusive classroom. Participants will:

  • Explore the role that language processing, context, and memory play in students’ ability to comprehend and remember verbal directions
  • learn how to make verbal directions more clear, concrete, and consistent to support comprehension and memory
  • discover the power and simplicity of using symbols to aid communication
  • apply the simple, yet powerful and flexible visual support, the dynamICONs, to support individual students and whole groups and classes, both proactively and responsively
  • identify specific challenges students face with following directions, sustaining attention, and completing assignments, and match appropriate visual supports to a variety of situations
  • utilise varied physical and digital media to incorporate dynamICONs as a part of daily practice in lessons and individual student support.

Professional practice supervision for practitioners in human, health, community and social services

Dates: 22 & 29 October 2020
Time: 9.30am–3.30pm
Venue: Education Building, The University of Sydney
Presenter: Suzy Velkou
Further details: Download flyer (PDF 272KB) | Webpage
Cost: $495* (lunch included) *subject to change


Description: This two-day course examines and critiques different approaches to professional supervision in the health, human and community services. You will learn to identify key features of a working environment that can enhance or inhibit supervision. It will also assist you in identifying and developing knowledge and skills in the application of both staff and student supervision.

At the completion of this course you will be able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of theoretical approaches to professional practice supervision of staff
  • identify and develop supervision processes that are critical to the enhancement of professional practice and the appropriate strategies and skills to implement them
  • critique the relevance of these approaches in a range of practice settings
  • identify and analyse key features of an organisational environment in which supervision plays a positive role and demonstrate the skills to do this
  • analyse issues that may arise in the supervision process and identify appropriate strategies to address these (for example, the influence of power on the relationship between supervisor and supervisee; and structural inequalities such as race, gender, age).


Nina Goodwin

Project coordinator
  • Professional Learning Sydney School of Education and Social Work Education Building A35 The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Rachel Payne

Project coordinator
  • Professional Learning Sydney School of Education and Social Work Education Building A35 The University of Sydney NSW 2006