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Early career research

The Brain and Mind Centre is proud to work with talented early and mid-career researchers, whose contribution to our labs, clinics and research teams leads to innovative partnerships and outstanding publication results. Read about some of their inspiring research programs here.

Fostering research leadership

Brain and Mind Centre EMCR Committee and support schemes

In 2021 the Centre established an Early and Mid-Career (EMCR) Researcher Committee with the aim to support EMCRs to achieve research excellence, maximise research outcomes success and develop the next generation of brain and mind sciences research leaders at the Brain and Mind Centre.

The committee is an EMCR-led initiative established for EMCRs to create vibrant and supportive community for this cohort of researchers, as well as offer guidance on central research support pathways to facilitate the creation of Brain and Mind Centre multidisciplinary research teams.

Find out more about the schemes open to BMC's early and mid career researchers.

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