2017 Brain and Mind Centre Symposium

2017 Brain and Mind Centre Symposium

Podcast interviews with keynote speakers now available

The inaugural Brain and Mind Centre Symposium consisted of a full day of presentations and conversations on child development and behaviour, youth mental health, and healthy ageing and neurodegeneration.

The Brain and Mind Centre Symposium took place at the University of Sydney on Friday 13 October 2017.

With more than 300 registrations, the Symposium event attracted a broad array of students and researchers from the Brain and Mind Centre's Camperdown, Nepean and Westmead sites, as well as clinicians and academics from partner organisations.

The day centred on two main themes - 'ageing and neurodegeneration' and 'mental health and development', with presentations covering conditions of the brain and mind across the human lifespan. Attendees were exposed to the broad range of research currently taking place at the Brain and Mind Centre, and the overlaps between the various disciplines became clearer as the day progressed.

Podcasts now available

Professor Michael O'Sullivan talks to Professor Sharon Naismith

Professor Michael O'Sullivan from the University of Queensland was the Symposium's first Keynote Speaker, who explored 'The effect of vascular disease on brain network functions and the evolution of dementia'. 

Listen to our Co-Director, Professor Matthew Kiernan interview Professor O'Sullivan in this podcast.

Dr Kathleen Merikangas with Professor Ian Hikie

International guest and Keynote Speaker Dr Kathleen Merikangas, Chief of the Genetic Epidiology Branch in the Intramural Research Program at the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States, presented, 'Dissecting the core Features and Consequences of Bipolar Disorder: Implication for Treatment and Prevention'. Hear Professor Ian Hickie interview Dr K Merikangas in this podcast.

Dr Alison Merikangas

Her daughter, Dr Alison Merikangas, explored, 'Risk Factors and Clinical Correlates of CNVs Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders'. Listen to Professor Adam Guastella talk to Dr A Merikangas further about the genetics of austism in this podcast.

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