Ms Sarah Mosseri
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Ms Sarah Mosseri

Postdoctoral Research Associate
+61 2 8627 9128
Ms Sarah Mosseri

Dr. Sarah Mosseri is a postdoctoral research fellow within the Women, Work and Leadership Research Group, where she uses mixed methods to understand women’s anticipated role in the future of work. Sarah completed her PhD in sociology at the University of Virginia. Her dissertation, which was funded by the National Science Foundation in the United States, was a comparative ethnography examining the processes and politics of interpersonal trust at four distinct work sites. Through fourteen months of fieldwork and 121 in-depth interviews, she demonstrates how trust operates, within a context of deinstitutionalization, as a powerful mechanism organizing and stratifying contemporary work. Sarah holds a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Virginia and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. Previously, she worked as an advertising executive in New York City and as a small business consultant in San Francisco.

Sarah’s research focuses on the cultural, relational and material processes that shape inequalities at work. In her dissertation, she explains why and how interpersonal trust at work persists despite eroding work conditions and a proclivity to distrust people and institutions outside of the workplace. She argues that trust enables people to cope with the liminality of contemporary work, imbuing workplace experiences and relationships with meaning. Yet, trust also obscures workplace inequalities and institutionalized vulnerabilities and motivates consent to insecure working arrangements and processes of control. In a separate research stream, Sarah’s research sheds light on how demanding work expectations contribute to gender difference and inequality within organizations.


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