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Engage with our students

Advertise to and engage with Business School students
From events, mentoring programs, and advertising placement the Business School provides a range of opportunities for you to engage with our students.

We are happy to assist you to connect with our Business School community. We offer a range of profile-raising activities, complimentary, including:

  • on-campus lectures and workshops
  • curriculum collaboration with academics
  • profiling of job and internship opportunities
  • involvement in work integrated learning projects such as internships and business projects
  • involvement in joint events with clubs and societies associated with the Business School
  • involvement in joint events with the Business School Alumni Relations team.

Engage with our students online

We've taken our industry engagement student learning online. This provides all our industry partners (corporate, government, SMEs, start-ups and social enterprises and community organisations) with a great opportunity to continue to utilise our students' skills to work on live business tasks, placements and projects, whilst adding real value to advancing your organisational objectives. 

  • Gain a diversity of thinking from a range of students; majors and specialisations include finance, accounting, data analytics  and marketing
  • Student placements are for credit and are therefore unpaid although meaningful work, regular online supervision and mentoring must be provided
  • Minimum touchpoint of one weekly online meeting with the host supervisor is expected as students work remotely with academic supervision provided by the Business School
  • We will select and assist in matching students to your organisational requirements

For more information, please email

Services for employers

We offer free advertising of graduate and student opportunities through Canvas, our online learning and teaching platform. The Business School distributes an e-newsletter, CEO E-News, once a month to advertise jobs, paid work experience and events to all students.

To advertise, please complete the advertising template (pdf, 110KB) and send your completed advertisement via email to

Take part in our workshops and events as part of our calendar of career development activities. Workshops and events include topics such as how to network, developing your personal brand, successful applications and interviews, and "a day in the life". Profile your organisation and assist us in improving students' skills and abilities.

Contact to get involved.

We offer students who are enrolled in a degree at the Business School an opportunity to work for a leading firm as part of their degree through our Industry Placement Program. Your firm could join our Industry Placement Program portfolio and provide work experience opportunities to our students.

The University of Sydney Business School attracts a high number of international students. Some of these students will secure permanent residency which enables them to remain in Australia, but most students will return to their home country after graduation. Many international companies are seeking to recruit international graduates to take up roles overseas once they have completed their studies. Many Australian students also express strong interest in working overseas.

We provide an effective conduit for international employers to build a profile and to develop relationships with the students of the University of Sydney Business School before graduation.

Please email for more information.

Our academic staff are interested in developing partnerships with commerce and industry, and we have been able to assist this process. For more information, please visit the Business School’s Research Partnerships page.

This is an innovative leadership mentoring program for young women at university. It aims to inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities available for employment and leadership in the corporate and public sectors. We facilitate relationships between individual students and mentors, who are all experienced professionals in the corporate or public sectors.

We are always keen to hear from prospective mentors. To become a mentor you will be a leader/manager working within the finance, accounting, business or legal sectors. You will be willing to share your time, skills, workplace and experiences with a student.

The program is about more than work experience – it is an opportunity for students to hear from successful women about the challenges, opportunities and lessons they have learned along the way. It is a reciprocal experience for both student and mentor.

If you would like to speak to someone about this Program, or speak to mentors who have been involved with the program for several years, please contact our Student Mentoring Programs Coordinator, Nadia McDonagh at

For more information, please download the Mentor information sheet (pdf, 120.6KB).

Are you a former student of the Business School interested in contributing your expertise to our current students? Does mentoring or coming to campus for a talk interest you? We are seeking alumni both in Australia and overseas who are interested in partnering with us in this way.

Please visit the alumni mentoring program page for more information.

Other information

For advertised roles, pay rates must comply with current legislation and applicable industrial instruments (such as a Modern Award). Information about employing staff and rates of pay can be found as follows:

The Business School can only advertise unpaid roles that abide by the Fair Work Act

Please be aware that according to the Fair Work Ombudsman, unpaid internships should only be with a voluntary or not-for-profit organisation, or be of an observatory nature within a business environment. If you require students to perform productive activities within your business, the person would be considered an employee and entitled to payment.

Alternatively, your opportunity may fit within the structure of our Industry Placement Program, whereby students complete a placement as part of their degree requirements. 

Contact us

Helen Parker

Manager, External Engagement and International

Fiona Suzanne O'Sullivan

Director, External Engagement and International