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Insight, innovation and impact
Together with our partners in industry, government and the non-profit sector, we are leading the way in ground-breaking research and innovation to make real-world changes and shape our future.

We foster collaboration and work with our partners to design projects that create meaningful and relevant outcomes. By combining academic and industry experience, we build leading-edge knowledge that drives innovation, solutions, change and growth.

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Why partner with us?

At the University of Sydney Business School, we have over 300 diverse researchers accomplished in solving complex challenges. By partnering with us, you will have access to:

  • credible and independent research expertise and outcomes
  • evidence-based insights that are actionable
  • cutting-edge research methodologies and business theories
  • innovative multi-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

What we look for in our partners

Our researchers seek to work with subject matter experts on contemporary challenges with a particular interest in:

  • developing projects that drive new business knowledge and societal impacts
  • collaborations that allow researchers to apply, test and validate new and existing theory
  • access to novel data sets and industry knowledge.

How can we work together?

By combining academic and industry experience, we build knowledge that drives innovation, solutions, change and growth. We start the conversation around your most significant challenges and help match you with a researcher. Such projects would be co-scoped and represent a discrete piece of work completed within a defined time frame. 

Our researchers will share their knowledge and experiences to help your organisation solve difficult challenges. At the University of Sydney Business School we have over three hundred academics with deep expertise across a wide-range of industries. Often these conversations act as the starting point for fruitful collaborations.

Our scholars regularly collaborate with other leading universities and businesses across the globe and Australia to build knowledge. Partnering with the University of Sydney Business School allows organisations to be at the forefront of innovation and become credible thought leaders. Partner with us to co-develop evidence-based research and deliver events and white papers relevant to your stakeholders. 

Our researchers are at the forefront of developing and applying cutting-edge theories, analytic and research methods. Partnering with us can deliver new insights and perspectives from complex data sets.

If you have a specific research question, a commissioned project or consultancy arrangement could help you get the answers. These projects are co-scoped with us and your organisation and represent a discrete piece of work completed within a set time frame. 

Partnered research projects often qualify for government funding through schemes such as the Australian Research Council’s Linkage program or AusIndustry’s Cooperative Research Centre Projects (CRC-P). These funding opportunities can be a great way to leverage the funds that you have available for research no matter how large or small your organisation is.

Case studies

Stata's primary mission is to build a bridge between the theoretical frontier and the practical application and to make this connection as smooth as possible. Working with Prof. Artem Prokhorov allows Stata to identify and understand the theoretical methods that have great potential applicability in practice.
Di Liu, Senior Econometrician at StataCorp

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We unite scholars from multiple disciplines to research the business issues impacting the world.

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Our research disciplines emphasise critical thinking and contribute to public policy across numerous areas, with a focus on the local and global impact of the major trends and issues that the world faces.

Industry partnerships

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The University of Sydney Business School actively engages with industry, believing contemporary business and relevant business education are inseparable.