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Coronavirus research

COVID-19 research and analysis from the Business School
University of Sydney Business School experts are at the forefront of researching coronavirus and its impact on the economy, technology and society.

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies coronavirus research

Other Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies COVID-19 projects

Our productive relationship with the iMOVE CRC continues with yet another project. This time, researchers from ITLS are teaming up with The Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland, Transport for NSW and the WA Department of Transport to track the travel activity and positions in relation to WFH of the Australian population through a longitudinal data plan.

The aim is to understand what this might mean as we interpret responses from employers and employees to WFH until we reach some equilibrium, possibly when vaccination is widespread.

Professors David Hensher and John Nelson, Associate Professor Matt Beck, Drs Camila Balbontin and Edward Wei and Andre Pinto will all be contributing to this timely study.

Dr Milad Haghani, Professor Michiel Bliemer, Floris Goerlandt and Jie Li analyse the bibliometric aspects of COVID-19 studies on a macro level, as well as those addressing Coronaviruses in general.