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Collaborating with the University of Sydney Business School

At the University of Sydney Business School, we have over 300 diverse researchers accomplished in solving complex challenges. By partnering with us, you will have access to:

  • credible and independent research expertise and outcomes
  • evidence-based insights that are actionable
  • cutting-edge research methodologies and business theories
  • innovative multi-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Our researchers seek to work with subject matter experts on contemporary challenges with a particular interest in:

  • developing projects that drive new business knowledge and societal impacts
  • collaborations that allow researchers to apply, test and validate new and existing theory
  • access to novel data sets and industry knowledge.

By combining academic and industry experience, we work together with you to build knowledge that drives innovation, solutions, change and growth in the following ways:

  • Connect with an expert to solve complex problems
  • Co-develop thought leadership
  • Access advanced research methods to realise your data’s potential
  • Commission bespoke consultancy and research projects
  • Co-access government funding

We start the conversation around your most significant challenges and help match you with a researcher. Such projects would be co-scoped and represent a discrete piece of work completed within a defined time frame.

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