27 February 2018

Closing the gap: a commitment to gender equality

Our partnership with UN Women Australia has made it possible for more than 20 inspiring individuals to undertake the MBA. Read their stories.
23 February 2018

Business school student awarded $10,000 scholarship

A University of Sydney Business School student has been awarded $10,000 by fintech company Spotcap, which is hoping to overcome the talent shortage in the fintech industry by fostering more home-grown expertise.
22 February 2018

MBA vs masters: which is right for me?

Once you’ve decided to pursue postgraduate study, the next challenge lies in finding the right course. Here we outline the differences between an MBA and specialised master’s, and why you may choose one over the other.
21 February 2018

UN Women NC Australia Scholarships free women to prioritise education

The founder of an economic policy consultancy led by women, and the Head of Advocacy for a major children’s support group have been awarded UN Women National Committee (NC) Australia scholarships.
16 February 2018

Up or out: Travel demand and 30-minute cities

The faster the transport, the bigger the city becomes. Will autonomous vehicles go down this road, asks David Levinson.
16 February 2018

MBA alumni team debuts at global university challenge

A team of six Business School MBA alumni has finished in the top 5 teams at the annual Global Universities Challenge in Dubai, which attracted 17 leading universities and a hundred of the world’s brightest young minds.
13 February 2018

Dating apps are causing anxiety, according to experts in love

An Alumni event, titled ‘The Future of Love’, was the first in a series of alumni events scheduled for 2018.
12 February 2018

10 tips for thriving in your first year

It's no secret that starting uni can be a bit daunting. Begin your studies on the right foot with our tried and true tips for thriving in your first year.
09 February 2018

Can self-driving cars save lives?

Most car accidents stem from human error. But will autonomous vehicles keep us any safer? Stephen Greaves investigates.