My decision as a journalist to study an MBA

By Evelyn Herrera Avina
After working for some years as a news digital editor in Mexico and journalist in Australia, I decided to take a step forward in my education so as to be better prepared as an inclusive leader who is able to lead with humility, pride and honour.
Evelyn Herrera Avina

Evelyn Herrera Avina

My MBA classmates are talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, from engineering to science, arts, and finance. Cultural diversity and experiences are what make this MBA unique. Whatever your profession; if you are willing to take risks, have passion for communicating your ideas, and your commitment to excellence is genuine, this MBA will suit you well.

I grew up in Mexico City, which I believe is one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth. People from my city are passionate at whatever they do. The streets show the cultural richness of our nation. My homeland taught me to work with passion and be open to diversity. At home, my parents always encouraged my sisters and me to be humble, authentic and to be the person who can give love to others no matter who they are or what their cultural background is.

Like many new international students arriving in Australia, I came with many dreams. I started by learning a new language at the Centre for English Teaching, adapting to a new education system and working in various roles to support my studies. Empowering myself with a new language changed the course of my life completely. I now have the power to express my opinions, to raise my voice, and to speak up for others as a journalist.

In my experience, Australia is a generous nation that acknowledges the contributions of all cultures. This country makes people with different nationalities feel at home. I have the privilege to be part of one of the most multicultural broadcasters in the world, where I can give voice to members of my Spanish community by sharing their stories of success, persistence and adversity. Eventually, advocating for multiculturalism, women's rights and equal educational opportunities through journalism has become part of my life.

My advice to international students is to be determined, to be perseverant and to truly believe that our voices matter regardless of where we come from. We are living in a time when the world needs more inclusive leaders with diverse backgrounds. I also want to encourage students from around the world who are looking for educational opportunities to never give up and raise your voice if you need help. Be true to yourself and loyal to your own values because those are crucial to succeed in life.

I am very grateful to the University of Sydney for appointing me as the recipient of the MBA Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship. This scholarship will help me to further develop my management skills to change people’s lives for the better

31 May 2018

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