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Leaving Indonesia (and Canada) to study at Sydney

Meet Disty Winata, a recent Master of Commerce graduate
Disty is a recent graduate and global student. Originally from Indonesia, she came to the University of Sydney Business School via Canada. Learn how her ability to pivot in business came from her ability to pivot in life.
Disty Winata

Disty Winata, MComm '18, Business Marketing Coordinator ANZ, Spotify

It was Disty's trip to the University of Sydney as a tourist in 2013 that planted the seeds for her future studies. Of course, the beaches, climate and culture also helped.

Originally from Indonesia, Disty first pursued her health sciences dreams in Canada. She quickly realised that her passions lay in her DNA – her father works in advertising. After seizing opportunities to intern in advertising and digital marketing, Disty realised she needed to pivot her career trajectory.

Enter the Master of Commerce, where Disty began her transition into the business marketing world. She tailored her degree to specialise in Marketing and Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Never shying away from a challenge, Disty completed an internship, built a startup (in the New Business Opportunities and Startups unit) and took on a full course load, including a research subject, in just one semester. Disty looks at this time as a period of growth, saying, "I gained invaluable skills from this experience that prepared me as a marketer."

Disty says her most valuable lesson was "learning to pivot and keep an open mind." Which is no surprise, given her capacity to change direction in her career and life when she needed to. Her efforts did not go unnoticed; Disty was presented with the Best Quick Pivoting Award from Incubate a startup program at the University.

Being taught by industry experts gave Disty more insight and practical experience than she was expecting. Her most memorable subject was Creative Communications in Marketing, taught by John Parker. 

Disty completed internships in Sydney and Singapore during her degree. She found the similarities between the cities gave her useful transferrable skills.

Disty's final piece of advice: "Take advantage of the various opportunities and resources offered by the University. I signed up to courses purely out of personal interest, but these ended up being the subjects that gave me a competitive edge in the workplace."

Disty is only setting out on her career path, but has already worked for marketing leaders like Spotify and ClickView. She is keen to pursue a career in B2B marketing where data has an influence over marketing decisions.

8 April 2019