26 June 2019

Program combines entrepreneurial skills with financial know-how

As Australia's economy shifts from its resources base to one focused on "clever" industries, the University of Sydney Business School is offering a program that combines entrepreneurial skills with financial and capital management skills.
26 June 2019

Why going into solution mode is a problem

MBA Director Professor Guy Ford explains how reframing a problem can drastically change solutions.
25 June 2019

CEMS virtual project transcends barriers of time and distance

The CEMS Global Alliance, which unites the world's leading business schools, is now offering students and corporate partners the opportunity to collaborate on "virtual" business projects unrestricted by the traditional barriers of time and distance.
24 June 2019

Wishes that are coming true with digital transformation

The trending concept of a 'digital transformation' or 'Industry 4.0' involves many previously established ideas from supply chain management, writes Professor Behnam Fahimnia.
20 June 2019

Business School reaffirms commitment to Asia Pacific

The University of Sydney Business School has reaffirmed its strong commitment to business excellence in the Asia Pacific Region with a decision to continue sponsoring the prestigious Australia China Business Awards.
19 June 2019

Business School to mount groundbreaking India project

In line with the University of Sydney’s current focus on India, the Business School is to send a group of first year undergraduate students to the country later this year on a culturally and economically oriented study tour.
19 June 2019

Genesis program fuels winning University of Sydney startups

Eco-friendly gel pens, a streamlined job-hunting app and an electorate mapping platform that seeks to democratise the lobbying industry are among the winners of the University of Sydney Genesis startup program.
12 June 2019

Millennials trustworthy but debt adverse says entrepreneur

At just 25, University of Sydney alumnus Nick Molnar (BCom ’12) thought that "trust" was a good foundation on which to build a business. Furthermore, Molnar decided to entrust his business to millennials or the so-called "me generation."
07 June 2019

Internationally respected academic honoured by the roads industry

The Director and Founder of the Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), Professor David Hensher, has been awarded the prestigious John Shaw Medal by the industry's peak body Roads Australia.
07 June 2019

Where will postgraduate study in management lead you?

The Master of Management business consulting project gives students direct access to industry to help build their business experience. Meet four alumni who worked with Mirvac Retail, Deloitte, Coca-Cola Amatil and PwC and learn how it prepared them for practice.