30 July 2019

How to finance your MBA

Undertaking an MBA is a major investment and one of the most important financial investments you will make in your career. Taking the time to research ways to finance your degree before you start studying will put you on track to graduating with less debt and increased financial freedom.
30 July 2019

Business School strengthens partnership with leading IT solutions firm

The University of Sydney Business School and the award-winning IT solutions firm, ASG Group, have further strengthened their partnership in a way that will provide students with "a genuine understanding of what it is to be truly professional" in their attitude to work and business ethics.
29 July 2019

MBA student profile: Nicole Thibodeau

MBA student and previous Future Leaders Scholarship recipient Nicole Thibodeau talks about her experiences with the University of Sydney Business School MBA program.
25 July 2019

Transport world cites pioneer researcher’s global contribution

Research by Professor David Hensher, the founder and current Director of the University of Sydney Business School's internationally respected Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, has been cited in more than 50 thousand scholarly articles worldwide.
24 July 2019

Student team competes for a million dollars in startup funding

Youth unemployment is in part due to a disconnect between employer's expectations and those of graduates in relation to soft skills such as the ability to think critically, lead and communicate effectively, according to a team of students at the University of Sydney Business School.
15 July 2019

Paying for roads – driver of a new road management ecosystem

James Bushell, PhD candidate at ITLS, discusses the trending issue of road user charging and the potential of involvement from both the public and private sectors.
05 July 2019

Indigenous people must take charge of economic development, says elder

A highly respected Indigenous leader and Associate Lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School, Percy Knight, has called on the Australian community to allow his people to take charge of their own economic development.
05 July 2019

Comment: Indigenous people must draw on entrepreneurial tradition to break cycle of poverty and violence

While many Indigenous communities remain "sorry towns," a growing number have taken charge of their financial future through a unique and ancient Indigenous approach to business, writes Percy Knight.
02 July 2019

Business School launches groundbreaking China projects

The University of Sydney Business School has launched two groundbreaking programs designed to expose undergraduate students to the challenges and benefits of doing business in China.
01 July 2019

MBA profile: Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor, recipient of the UN Women Australia MBA Scholarship, talks about her experiences with the University of Sydney Business School MBA program.