Transport world cites pioneer researcher’s global contribution

25 July 2019
Professor Hensher breaks national record for international citations
Research by Professor David Hensher, the founder and current Director of the University of Sydney Business School's internationally respected Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, has been cited in more than 50 thousand scholarly articles worldwide.
David Hensher

Professor David Hensher

Professor David Hensher, who is widely recognized as one of the world's leading transport economists, is the first researcher at an Australian business school to reach 50 thousand citations as monitored by Google Scholar.

Internationally, Professor Hensher is well known for his work in the development and application of quantitative methods for studying individual choice in a way that can assist with the planning and delivery of transport services and infrastructure.

In addition to transport, his study of choice has led to numerous citations in disciplines as broad as economics, accounting, finance, environmental science, tourism, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine and public policy.

The impact of Professor Hensher’s books, Stated choice methods: analysis and application, and Applied Choice Analysis, which deal with "the study and prediction of consumer choice behaviour," has been particularly significant.

Professor Hensher has described his international standing as humbling.

"I am immensely humbled by the recognition of my research around the world," Professor Hensher said. "It is rare than an individual academic obtains such significant recognition from fellow researchers and practitioners."

The Dean of the Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell, said that Professor Hensher's professional milestone of more than 50,000 citations was an "outstanding accomplishment."

"In addition to his numerous citations, David's papers and journal articles on discrete choice analysis have changed the way that governments around the world provide transport services and infrastructure to their people."

"His methods have assisted state and national government to accurately value user benefits and estimate the cost of new transport projects and, as a result, there is no doubt that he has improved the daily lives of countless millions around the world," Professor Whitwell said.

Professor Hensher is one of only eight University of Sydney academics to have been cited more than 50,000 times.

Professor Hensher was earlier this year awarded the prestigious John Shaw Medal by Roads Australia, a not-for-profit, non-political industry association representing more than 140 road agencies, major contractors and consultants, motoring clubs, service providers and industry groups.

The John Shaw Medal honours an "industry champion" who is considered to have made a lasting contribution to Australia's roads.