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Business School strengthens partnership with leading IT solutions firm

30 July 2019
Students to be immersed in real world challenges
The University of Sydney Business School and the award-winning IT solutions firm, ASG Group, have further strengthened their partnership in a way that will provide students with "a genuine understanding of what it is to be truly professional" in their attitude to work and business ethics.

Under the partnership, postgraduate students will have an opportunity to work with ASG Group on a project that will test their theoretical knowledge and their ability to critically analyse data in a way that leads to potential solutions and recommendation.

The Business School's Associate Lecturer in Work-Integrated Learning, Geoff Harrison, says the project, known as a "business practicum," is unusual in that it will be delivered on campus rather than at the external partner's place of business.

"The ASG Group project will take place on campus rather than in the field," said Mr Harrison. "This has the advantage of offering greater accessibility to students who may have difficulty finding the time and resources to gain this type of experience any other way."

Work-Integrated Learning is a key element of student life at the Business School because it exposes them to industry and the types of tasks they'll be asked to do when they get a job after graduation.
Geoff Harrison, Associate Lecturer in Work-Integrated Learning

"Through this project, students will gain experience in working to a timeline and deadline, gain an understanding of what it means to be 'professional' in terms of their attitude and work ethic and to work collaboratively with people from different academic and cultural backgrounds," Mr Harrison said.

"Ultimately, this project will give students an opportunity to reflect on how they have developed as an individual and as part of a team," he concluded.

Founded in Australia in 1996, ASG Group is now a multinational firm owned by the Japanese management consultants Nomura Research Institute, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

ASG Group says that it provides "businesses with innovative, high quality, and cost-effective IT services from business strategies and advisory, to infrastructure and managed services."

The company has won two international industry awards for excellence in leadership and service management.

Business Practicum BUSS6104 will commence in semester 2.