Influential international transport conference arrives in Sydney

22 August 2022
Decarbonisation of public transport among hot topics
Transport industry leaders from around the world will converge in Sydney in September 2022 to debate topics ranging from ownership, competition and governance to the decarbonisation of public transport.

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney Business School is honoured to be hosting the 17th International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport, also known as the Thredbo seriesĀ in honour of its inaugural location.

To be held in Sydney, Australia from 4-8 September 2022, the Conference will be officially opened by the Hon. Natalie Ward, NSW Minister for Metropolitan Roads, on the morning of Monday 5 September.

The Thredbo conference series has garnered a formidable reputation for being the premier international forum dedicated to the analysis and debate of competition and ownership issues in land passenger transport, with a particular focus on sustainability and mobility.

Conference co-founder Professor David Hensher, founding director of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, said hot topics this year would include decarbonisation of public transport, active transport and micro-mobility, and governance models.

"The conference series has had a global impact in many areas but in particular in the development of new contracting models in the bus and coach sector," Professor Hensher said.

"The biennial series, now in its 32nd year, has provided a platform for sharing of knowledge between academics, consultants, government employees and industry players that has had a huge impact of reforms in the way that public transport is provided in numerous countries, including the drafting of transport legislation in developing economies.

"Many have described the conference as giving them the intellectual input they need for the next two years of their business."

The influential forum attracts high quality participation and delivers a large portfolio of impressive material, synthesising input not only from developed economies but increasingly from developing economies.

The conference series is directed towards a broad audience of industry players (government and public transport operators), policy makers, planners, decision makers on infrastructure and service operators, consultants, researchers, academics and students. Over 130 delegates from 23 countries have registered to attend.

In addition to intensive workshops based around keynote papers, it will feature plenary sessions on three topical issues relating to zero emissions, the challenges of new mobility services, and regulatory reform in bus and rail.

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