Nick Harrington

MBA student profile: Nick Harrington

26 August 2019
Written by Nick Harrington
MBA student and previous Emerging Leaders Scholarship recipient Nick Harrington talks about his experiences with the University of Sydney Business School MBA program.

Building a business has always been a dream of mine.

Working at Social Ventures Australia, I realised the impact of businesses in improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians. Having met entrepreneurs who possessed a culmination of commercial flare, altruism and grit, I became inspired by the thought of taking an idea and turning it into an operational and commercial reality. 

As such, I have been actively searching for an idea which I could build a team around and take to market. An idea that would be be innovative and transformative in creating positive impacts in society.

But how do you open your perspective to the next big idea, gain inspiration and meet your potential future colleagues? 

The part-time MBA has been critical in providing me with the lateral thinking and stimulation necessary to originate new business opportunities.

Whilst I was initially deterred by the challenge of balancing full-time work and after-hours study, a recent class reminded of why I started this journey. Feeling stimulated, the experiential classes offered me the space to challenge ideas, prompt lateral thinking and demand the discipline to explore new opportunities in depth.

We are currently debating the future of work and how demographics will shape the future economy. Joined by impressive guest presenters Liz Broderick, former Gender Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommosane, former Race Discrimination Commissioner, and Jason Glanville, my perceptions on racial discourse were provoked. 

Despite not walking away with my big social idea, it certainly charged me with the provocative thinking necessary to change my perception and will no doubt help to uncover my Future Anything opportunity.

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