MBA Student Profile: Nancy Huang

23 October 2019
Written by Nancy Huang
Full-time MBA alumna, Nancy Huang, talks about relocating to Sydney from China with her young family to study the MBA.

Never give up on your dreams

Pursuing an MBA overseas was a dream of mine after graduating from a college in China. Growing up in Chengdu, a relatively less developed city in China, it was almost unimaginable for me to study overseas. Deciding to not give up, I worked hard to develop professional experience and gain financial well-being after College.

During my sixth year at Novartis China, I started to think about a career break. Upon discovering that the University of Sydney's full-time MBA program was accepting international students, I submitted an application. I received an offer a few months later and was thrilled. A lot of my colleagues and friends were surprised at my decision to go back to school as a mother whilst also sacrificing career development opportunities in China.

A journey of self-discovery

The 18-month program was a journey of self-discovery and self-building that helped me identify strengths and practise the latest business skills. It was the right choice for me to join the program. Since completing the MBA, I have 

  • discovered and formed my own leadership styles
  • found passion and excitement within strategic and creative work
  • realised my strength in collaboration through studying with a culturally diverse cohort

Along with study, I was able to practice new skills by founding the Healthcare Club. This saw me working with biotechnology researchers through the Business Validation Program, and gaining my first experience with an Australia health-tech startup company.

Sydney is a family-friendly city for children.

Learning to adapt and explore

While studying, I was also raising my son in a culturally diverse country, where he had to learn how to adapt and explore another part of the world. Sydney is a family-friendly city for young children. The school system has been well developed to support those from non-English speaking backgrounds so language is not a barrier. 

When my son started kindergarten at the local public school, he was assigned a dedicated English teacher and a bilingual buddy to assist him. The class had a maximum of 20 students and was led by a teacher who would teach each child based on their academic level. The education system encourages children to learn through play and this included in-class activities designed to learn new letters, words and sentences.

Life in Sydney

There are plenty of affordable extracurricular afterschool activities; ranging from indoor & outdoor sports to arts and science. Over the weekend and in school holidays, there are many places to visit and activities to do with family and friends including:

  • Local beaches and parks 
  • National parks 
  • Zoos
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Public libraries
  • Cultural events and festivals

A year and a half into this journey and I have realised that it is only a short period of time relative to my whole life. It has been worthwhile spending this short time to rediscover myself and prepare myself for the coming years of my personal and professional life.

I would like to express my great gratitude to my lovely family, who have helped make my dreams come true.

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