Leveraging a Master of International Business

8 October 2019
Find out how postgraduate study can excel your professional career
Davin Gaynes, Head of BROP Risk Management, Institutional Banking and Markets at Commonwealth Bank, reflects on his experiences in postgraduate study at the University of Sydney.
Davin Gaynes

From a Systems and Network Administrator to founding his own Information Technology company, Davin Gaynes has always been hands-on with his work.

However, a Master of Commerce and a Master of International Business have helped Davin balance these industry experiences with enriching classroom learnings. These learnings, coupled with support from industry experts, have excelled Davin’s professional career. He is now a Senior Operational Risk and IT Risk leader.

Whilst leveraging his IT and audit skills gained during his time working fir two global logistics companies, Davin’s career shifted towards financial services where he worked as a Senior Analyst for Deloitte in the Enterprise Risk Services division providing external audit and advisory services to Government and corporates. These included engagements in IT security, crisis management, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery planning.

These experiences were later developed during twelve years experience working at Commonwealth Bank. Here, Davin began by providing end-to-end operational risk and technology risk support to the business products and development banking division.

Despite not having taken an undergraduate degree, Davin was still able to successfully apply for the university's Masters programs with his industry experience.

Completing both a Master of Commerce with a major in Business Information Systems, and a Master of International Business, Davin has developed key risk management skills where he identifies insights from business activities and data to help manage risk.

Both programs offered Davin the opportunity to participate in international projects including the Silicon Valley Business Project and the China International Business Project where he experienced cultural immersion, comprehensive lectures at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Tsingshua University, and the opportunity to work on a special project with a large multinational firm.

These international experiences were heightened when Davin spent seven years in London for the CBA Institutional Banking and Markets division, as Head of Operational Risk. During this time, he also provided Operational Risk coverage to the businesses in Europe, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo.

Possessing expertise in helping complex businesses overcome challenges, deliver transformation, and grow, he credits passionate university staff for investing in the development of students and providing an engaging classroom experience.

Davin returned to Australia and is now Head of BROP Risk Management, Institutional Banking and Markets at Commonwealth Bank. Possessing a thirst for knowledge, he anticipates studying further with the hope of opening future career opportunities.  

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The lecturers at the Business School are thoroughly supportive, and encourage you to reach your potential. The postgraduate qualifications I have obtained have prepared me well for my career.
Davin Gaynes, Head of BROP Risk Management, Institutional Banking and Markets, Commonwealth Bank

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