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Anstice MBA Scholarship recipients drive positive change in NFP sector

24 June 2020
Scholarship recognises emerging leaders from not-for-profit sector
A generous donation from David Anstice has made it possible for 6 influential leaders to undertake the MBA. Read their stories.

The Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership assists emerging leaders in community organisations to acquire world class business and management skills. This scholarship is valued at over $60,000 for up to three years for a student enrolled part-time.

“The purpose of this scholarship is very simple: I care about educational opportunity, and I wish to give back - in this case by providing educational support to someone who can make a difference in the not-for-profit sector,” said Mr Anstice.

Image of Meghal Shah

Meghal Shah (Current MBA student)

Meghal Shah

Chief Financial Officer, Action on Poverty

Meghal is the CFO for Action on Poverty at the international development charity Action on Poverty, which operates in 13 countries around the world. He is also Vice President of BCD Community Care, a Sydney based disability and aged care services provider.

"The reason I started my MBA was simple," says Meghal. "I want to help solve society's most pressing problems by helping organisations achieve their full potential and maximise their impact. The most effective way of achieving this is through enhancing my ability to contribute in a meaningful way."

"I am very grateful for this scholarship and the support it provides in developing leaders in the not-for-profit sector."

Image of Rebecca Glenn

Rebecca Glenn (MBA '17)

Rebecca Glenn

Founder, Centre for Women's Economic Safety

Rebecca is the Founder of the Centre for Women's Economic Safety, a not-for-profit organisation that she started after completing her MBA. The Centre for Women's Economic Safety aims to build awareness of the issue of economic abuse and associated economic disadvantage, and foster women's financial independence.

“The MBA has enriched my management toolkit, expanded my network of peers and built my confidence. Since completing my degree, I have been focussing my efforts on addressing intimate partner economic abuse and, to that end, have established a new not-for-profit organisation, the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety.

“This scholarship helped ameliorate the financial impact of doing an MBA, and redoubled my commitment to carving out a career that uses my skills to make a positive difference in the lives of people experiencing hardship and disadvantage.”

Image of Katrina Van De Ven

Katrina Van De Ven (Current MBA student)

Katrina Van De Ven

Government and International Affairs Advisor, ANSTO

Kantrina is currently the Government and International Affairs Advisor at ANSTO where she is responsible for guiding the organisation's interactions with the Australian and foreign governments, and multilateral institutions.

"The most valuable aspect of the MBA program has been the exceptional opportunities I have been afforded beyond the classroom. I was fortunate to be selected as a member of the Business School’s team to compete against 19 of the world’s top business and policy graduate schools at the 2019 World Government Summit’s Global University Challenge in Dubai. I also completed an International Social Enterprise Project in Bangalore, India which I found to be an incredibly humbling experience.

"The MBA journey has accelerated my development as a leader and I am incredibly grateful for the support of Mr Anstice, through the Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership, for supporting my completion of the program. I wholeheartedly recommend other emerging community leaders consider applying for this wonderful opportunity."

Image of Kelly McJannett

Kelly McJannett (MBA '18)

Kelly McJannett

CEO, Food Ladder

Kelly McJannett is the CEO of Food Ladder, an international social enterprise providing innovative solutions to food security.

"The MBA has completely diversified my knowledge base and skillset. Coming from a background in Communications and Public Relations, prior to the MBA I had never had any formal training around Finance, Governance or Leadership best practice. While, in my capacity as the CEO of Food Ladder, I was learning on the job, without doubt the MBA gave me confidence in my knowledge, which has enabled me to drive forward with confidence.

"I believe education is critical to personal growth and development. Completing a masters program while working full-time provides one with the opportunity to put into practice those skills and knowledge systems that are being developed through study. I found this repetition has embedded the skills developed during the MBA into my DNA as a leader. It has changed the way I think and work as well as my attitude to how business can be applied to the social change sector I work in to deliver more sustainable outcomes for the global community.

"I have made some exceptional friendships through my MBA colleagues, one of whom I have invited to join me in my organisation as the Head of Operations. No doubt the friendships I have made I will carry through my whole life."

Image of Robyn Evans

Robyn Evans (MBA '16)

Robyn Evans

Board Director, Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW

Robyn is currently a Board Director for the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW and Stop the Traffik Australia.

"Since completing the MBA I have completed various projects and consultancy roles as part of a longer term plan for career transitioning. This has included a number of senior level contracts in the private, community and government sectors, broadening my contribution to a number of industries and increasing my capacity as a professional.  I am now the proud mum of two boys, four years and eight weeks.

"Receiving the Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership gave me the confidence to take on the MBA program with full belief in my capacity both personally and professionally. The scholarship enabled me to engage in the MBA in a more fulfilling way and has opened new doors, networks and opportunities that I would have never previously considered or pursued."

Image of Romaric Bouvaret

Romaric Bouvaret (MBA '15)

Romaric Bouvaret

Business Strategy Manager, UNSW 

Rom has a background in Biology and is currently a Business Stragegy Manager at a leading Australian university where he helps to support a young and innovation research centre. Rom has recently launched a new podcast series called 'Research for What?' where he talks with leaders about how and why research can make a bigger difference to the world. 

"Receiving the Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership was one of the most influential events in my career. I think about David's gesture every week and I am very grateful because I could not have afforded to enrol in the MBA program without the scholarship.

"I like to think that the Anstice MBA Scholarship was the little spark I needed to help others have a bigger impact. I am extremely grateful for David's generosity."

The Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership assists emerging leaders in community organisations to acquire world class business and management skills. This scholarship is valued at over $60,000 for up to three years for a student enrolled part-time. Register your interest to be notified when applications open and close and to receive more information on how to apply for our part-time MBA scholarships. 

I have great respect for the fact that when I was young I received a very good education, supported by others, and of course a very important part of that was the University of Sydney
David Anstice

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