Q&A: Industry Mentoring Program

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Looking to make the most out of their study and career, Marcin and Sarah applied to be part of the Industry Mentoring Program. They now share their experience and key takeaways from the program.

Why did you want to be part of the program?


Mentoring is a fantastic opportunity for two people with similar interests and career goals to learn from one another. When I started the program, I had a clear career goal so I wanted an expert opinion on how to choose an appropriate path towards it. I was also looking forward to hearing personal development tips, such as how professionals manage their time, grow their networks, brand themselves, and continue learning after studying.


Mentoring programs are so important to set students up for success as they graduate and beyond. I wish I had taken part while I was a student! It’s also a fabulous way to stay connected with the Business School and give back to our university community.

How has the mentoring program benefited you?


Sarah has been brilliant. It’s difficult to come across someone so hard-working, organised and personable. My meetings with Sarah have offered great insight into the hard work that goes into a successful career. Being born overseas, I haven’t received the same level of advice around the Australian business environment as my peers, so the program was also a valuable way to learn more.


Marcin taught me a lot about what is now important this younger generation of graduates and provided a fresh perspective.

Being my first year as a mentor on the program, I was pleasantly surprised by how much support the Business School provided, including the number of networking opportunities to discuss our experiences with the other mentors and mentees.

It has also prompted interesting conversations with colleagues and friends. When I mentioned that I was a mentor, they often shared their own experiences with informal or formal mentoring programs and I could incorporate their learnings into our meetings.

What has been the highlight?


I am still overwhelmed by how uncanny the pairing was between my mentor and I. Sarah has been able to empathise with my queries and challenges, and recommend ways of managing them. I hope it has been a two-way street and that I have been able to offer Sarah an introspective look into how she has developed since her university days.


Reading through Marcin’s draft resume he sent through recently! He clearly outlined his strong academic, work and personal achievements, but I was most proud of how he included learnings from our conversations throughout his resume. It was fantastic to see him take what we've discussed and successfully apply it.

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13 October 2020