Where will an international business degree lead you?

15 June 2021
Gain the skills to succeed in a globalised economy
Meet our Master of International Business graduates and learn how a postgraduate international business degree enhanced their diverse careers.

To succeed in a globalised market, companies require employees with a mastery of strategy and real-world experience of the international business environment.

Our Master of International Business will shape you into a global business leader with the skills to develop organisations on the world stage and thrive in a range of career pathways, from international management consultant or strategy manager to government officer or entrepreneur.

We asked our recent graduates how an international business degree prepared them to succeed across a range of career paths.

Taking the family business global

Though Ujjwal Bansal's family business was flourishing in the domestic Indian market, the challenge to expand beyond the local area led him to a Master of International Business at the University of Sydney Business School.

Ujjwal Bansal

Ujjwall Bansal
Entrepreneur, Sri Vishal Garments | 

Master of International Business '21

"Coming from a country where what works in one locality doesn't work in the other, I knew I needed to specialise in something that exposed me to the multi-lateral world of international business," Ujjwal says.

As a student, Ujjwal took part in startup workshops, became active in his residential community and joined the Sydney University Canoe Club.

His favourite memory from his studies is of working with peers to develop an international marketing campaign for a meal kit company through the International and Global Marketing unit of study.

The Master of International Business degree helped me understand the intricacies of international taxation, marketing, sales and operations. Through the strategy modules, I learned to shape expansion plans and execute our overall business strategy.
Ujjwal Bansal

Now working for his family's business, Sri Vishal Garments, Ujjwal intends to use his entrepreneurship skills and global business knowledge to build the organisations into the most reliable clothing firm in all of India.

Beyond that, Ujjwal says, "My future holds endless opportunities."

Building an adaptable career

After starting a career in her home country of Mongolia, Tserenchimed Khishigjargal realised she needed to stay up-to-date with the latest evolutions in the international business world. She chose to study the Master of International Business at the University of Sydney Business School because of its reputation and graduate employability rankings.

Tserenchimed Khishigjargal

Tserenchimed Khishigjargal
Founder & Education Consultant, ICMYE-Oyunlag Centre LLC | 

Master of International Business '20

"I came to study in Australia seeking a new opportunity and real-world knowledge and practices," Tserenchimed says. "I was interested in how to enter a new market and how to engage with business internationally."

Throughout her Master of International Business degree, Tserenchimed expanded her expertise in marketing, human resources, business ethics, management and entrepreneurship.

The International Business Project, a real-life consulting project completed at the end of the program, was the highlight of Tserenchimed's studies.

"This was the first time I worked with a diversified team online and each team member had different thoughts and skills," Tserenchimed says. The project, combined with the guidance of her lecturer, helped Tserenchimed achieve her goals of improving her communication and management skills.

Tserenchimed's career since graduating has been versatile and productive: in addition to working as an Education Consultant for the ICMYE-Oyunlag Centre, she has worked as a freelance writer, published novels and developed several mobile games. She uses the skills gained through her international business degree - such as communication, negotiation, business ethics and effective management - every day.

If you are an International student like me and considering study at the University of Sydney, then I would say this is the right choice.
Tserenchimed Khishigjargal

"In addition to gaining the best education, you will learn adaptability and how to work effectively in the fast-paced business world. This degree is about more than studying - it is also a chance to practice, network and challenge yourself."

Making a positive social impact

Originally from South Africa, Lisa Paterson has over a decade of local and international experience volunteering for NGOs and community-based organisations. The Master of International Business at the University of Sydney Business School allowed Lisa to develop her interest in social enterprise.

Lisa Paterson

Lisa Paterson
Consultant, Deloitte Australia | 

Master of International Business '20

"I am passionate about the synergy of business and social development to bring about significant change," Lisa says.

Lisa had the opportunity to develop her skills in this area through the Social Entrepreneurship unit of study, which allowed her to travel to Eden to work with local stakeholders such as the Aboriginal Land Council to develop a tourism-based social enterprise.

"The objective was to create Aboriginal employment and promote Aboriginal heritage in the area," Lisa says.

"We leveraged the historic Bundian way, a 35km hiking path through important Aboriginal heritage sites, to propose a tour-based model enabling the local Aboriginal people to share the cultural significance of the area through story-telling and to generate an income by running tours."

Throughout her studies at the University of Sydney, Lisa also gained real industry experience through a summer internship with Deloitte. The internship led directly to a full-time role at the consulting firm following Lisa's graduation from her international business degree.

The internship with Deloitte essentially set me up for my new role and the start of my consulting career. It was a great experience and I would encourage doing internships in areas that interest you to get experience in the space and make connections.
Lisa Paterson

As a consultant at Deloitte, Lisa credits her ability to learn, her attitude and the transferable skills developed throughout the Master of International Business for her success. She hopes to continue making positive social impact in the world through sustainable and socially responsible business.

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