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University of Sydney Business School and Deloitte partner on AI

10 June 2022
New course to demystify artificial intelligence, build fluency
The ‘AI fluency sprint’ is a self-paced online short course designed to help business leaders understand artificial intelligence, unlock its potential and create value for their organisation.
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According to the World Economic Forum, 97 million new jobs will be created worldwide by 2025 because of artificial intelligence (AI).

While AI is a fast-growing tool for leading businesses, industry experts acknowledge that a lack of fluency among decision makers is often a barrier to adoption.

A new collaboration between the University of Sydney Business School and Deloitte will help businesses overcome that barrier. The ‘AI fluency sprint’ is a self-paced online short course designed for busy people. Simply put, it fits around full-time work and re-imagines executive education.

Director of Sydney Business Insights, Dr Sandra Peter, co-led the development of the AI fluency sprint because it addresses a direct need.

AI is everywhere. It’s in our phones, protects our bank accounts and critical infrastructure, and it will have a transformative impact on the future of work.
Dr Sandra Peter

“It’s essential for leaders to build their understanding and fluency with AI so that it can benefit their organisations.

“AI fluency is not about being able to code or program an AI. It’s about knowing what AI can achieve and how it works, how it can fit into your organisation, and how you can develop an AI strategy that creates value in a workplace. We want AI fluency to be rewarding for its people.”

Deloitte Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Lead, Dr Kellie Nuttall, said the professional services firm was delighted to be working closely with the University to grow the country’s investment in AI and its potential.

“AI technologies are still relatively new but highly disruptive for business leaders. Our clients have told us they’re looking for these kind of education solutions, and we know that one key blocker to successfully scaling AI in Australia is fluency,” said Dr Nuttall.

“A key focus for us is helping leaders understand exactly what we mean by AI, what these technologies can do for business and how to implement them responsibly.

This short course will help change the dial and boost organisations’ confidence to explore AI and harness its potential. After all, knowledge is power and making it available in a course like this, where professionals can participate at times that suit them, will achieve real cut-through.
Dr Kellie Nuttall, Artificial Intelligence Lead at Deloitte

“We’re delighted to be working with the University on delivering this important initiative, and I can’t wait to help teach the first cohort in August.”

The first sprint starts on the 12th of August and features insights and real-world case studies about AI, led by Dr Peter and Professor of Information Systems and Organisations, Kai Riemer.

“The most valuable feature of the AI fluency sprint is its connection to industry. We’re proud to be partnering with Deloitte to combine rigour with practical, real-world education,” said Professor Riemer.

The Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell, welcomed the partnership:

“The Business School is proud of our strong relationships with industry. Our partnership with Deloitte is another fine example of how we re-imagine the future of business education to deliver real benefit and enhance the skills of ambitious leaders through continuous learning.”

For more information or to register for the AI fluency sprint, visit:

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