Master of Management (CEMS) Student Profile: Friederike Badenhausen

16 November 2022
Q&A with Friederike Badenhausen, Master of Management (CEMS) student.
Learn more about Friederike chose to study the Master of Management (CEMS) at the University of Sydney Business School.

Why did you apply for the Master of Management (CEMS)?

As someone ambitious with strong intrinsic motivation to do something meaningful in my life I realised that I wanted to help people and empower them to stand up for themselves. 

The Master of Management (CEMS) helps me to do exactly that. It is a program built around developing responsible leaders for the future. The community is made up of highly educated people that have the drive and the ambition to be more than just a CEO. 

Why did you choose the University of Sydney?  

I always wanted to do a CEMS degree, but it was tricky finding a school that offered a truly interactive way of teaching. I ended up choosing the University of Sydney because it was the perfect mix of everything, with a beautiful campus, great teachers, a world-class CEMS program and a great city to live in.   

Another thing I thought was special about the University of Sydney is that you can choose to do two exchanges, and students can basically live in three different countries within one and a half years

What has been the best thing about the Master of Management (CEMS)? 

What I really appreciate about the program is that you immediately apply everything you learn, and the teachers are very willing to have discussions with you. What I've been learning in several courses such as digital transformation and fundamental business tools class, I am already applying in my workplace, and it just proves that this degree is really teaching us something.

What do you hope to achieve with the Master of Management (CEMS)? 

The most important factor I look for in a job is feeling like I can have a positive impact. With my background in startups and entrepreneurship, I would like to work for a venture capital firm that pushes sustainable startups. 

At the end of the day it's about who you are and what you can do. I believe the CEMS program adds that extra mile to your own learning, and you just learn a lot about yourself and about the world.